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The Top 10 Reasons Why Non Alcoholic Beer Is Here To Stay

Why is non alcoholic beer booming in popularity and facing increased demand across a multitude of age groups? We’ll be honest, when alcohol free beer was introduced years ago, the assortment available weren’t nearly as appetising and often tasted like beer imposters.

Brewing developments and changes in how alcohol free beer is crafted have contributed to this much tastier alternative. The brewing process now requires much less heat, which means more of its original flavours are retained, with new unique additions for a drink that is like beer, but better.

Just why is non alcoholic beer worth a try? Discover the top 10 reasons below:


The process for crafting both beer and non alcoholic beer begins in a similar way for many brewers. Malted barley (and any other grains) are combined or ‘mashed’ with hot water to create a wort (and remove the sugar). The wort is boiled with hops and fermented, and turns them into alcohol and other compounds that add flavour.

This is where the process changes. Non alcoholic beers require more heat and to achieve this and keep the taste intact, most brewer’s preference vacuum distilling or reverse osmosis. It is undoubtedly an intricate, time consuming processes which relies heavily on both a skilled method and high-tech equipment. Overall, this often takes much longer than regular beer since the alcohol has to be removed and the flavour preserved.


As you can see above, huge strides have been made in beer brewing. Non alcoholic beer is an effective replacement for the alcohol kind, because the body associates the flavour and smell with full strength beer. That means you’re still likely to produce feel good dopamine and love the taste!

Plus, so many big brands are experimenting with citrus, pine, hops and other ingredients to create unique, tasty flavour combinations that gives standard beer a run for its money.


Low strength beer was often drunk in the middle ages to avoid containments (like bacteria) in water, with an added benefit – it actually contained valuable energy and nutrients. For a while in Germany, the king of Prussia didn’t allow his citizens to drink water – unconfirmed.

Since then, modern beer has a much higher alcohol content and less health benefits. Zero alcohol beer is a healthier alternative that contains less calories and toxins and is full of vitamins and minerals including potassium, zinc, folic acid and iron thanks to the simple, stripped back natural ingredients (hops, water, yeast, barley/wheat).

Once upon a time, going alcohol free meant having a cup of coffee (that made it hard to fall asleep later), a sugar laden soft drink or plain old water.

Now there is a good alternative, there is such a broad selection of alcohol free beers, from stouts and lagers to IPA’s, pale ales, ciders and more. You can drink them late into the night without affecting your sleep pattern and they actually rehydrate you (unlike regular beer which is dehydrating), so are a good option after sport (many are isotonic so your body absorbs them quickly).


For most, a hangover is like a dice roll. There’s the chance your head will hurt a little the next day, and maybe your stomach won’t feel so great, but a big breakfast and pain killer eventually helps.

However, those tactics don’t always cut the mustard, and instead, a raging, pounding, headache and nauseous feeling might make you want to lay in bed with absolute silence, under the cover of total darkness as your only comfort. It’s around about that time you’ll probably wish you’d switched to alcohol free beer the night before!


Reasons for not wanting to drink can vary – pregnancy, health reasons or certain medicines not interacting well with alcohol, religion and other personal preferences. This is why a non-alcoholic option is so welcome.

Alcohol free beer is all inclusive for anyone who wants to enjoy a crisp, refreshing beverage or be social with friends.


Have you found yourself in a situation where a party or event is in a location that either requires a $75 Uber ride, 2 trains and a bus, or a 90-minute walk – and realised it’s cheaper and easier to drive?

In the past, this also meant you were going to have a pretty dull night as the ‘one standard drink only’ mate responsible for getting yourself and your mates home safely.

Enter: alcohol free beer.  A crisp, tasty, refreshing go-to where it’s hard to tell it isn’t the real thing.


If you’ve ever turned down an invite to something fun on a weeknight because you knew everyone would be drinking, and you had work, uni, an early morning gym session or other plans the next day, then this is for you.

It’s time to claim back your weeknights! Don’t let the side effects of alcohol hold you hostage from Sunday-Thursday just because you know you might not be able to make it through the next day with your normal level of focus and wellbeing in check.

Think of non alcoholic beer as beer with extra benefits that include you feeling better and enjoying yourself just as much.


It might be hard to make the switch if you’re currently an avid beer drinker, but don’t underestimate how much alcohol free beer can help when trying to cut down your drinking.

For instance, even if you start by substituting every second alcoholic beer for a non-alcoholic one, you’ll still feel the difference the next morning!

Even if you don’t want to switch entirely to non alcoholic beers, you can still give yourself the flexibility and versatility to balance alcohol and non-alcohol.

For example, athletes training for competitions, or individuals facing intense periods at work or university or managing their health goals often prefer to opt for alcohol free beer that doesn’t impede or impact their performance as much.


What we mean by this is that alcohol free beers can contain a small amount of alcohol (up to 0.5% ABV) depending on the brewing process taken to make the beer and how much alcohol naturally forms.

This however, is so low that it would take 9-10 of them to equal one standard beer. Did you know that even fruit has natural fermentation where ethyl alcohol is present in low quantities? Yup, that means even your freshly juiced morning orange juice might be low alcohol too!


Until a few years ago it was a hard ask to find non alcoholic beer, but that’s changing. Social venues and retailers are seeing the shift towards alcohol free beers and providing a wider more accessible range to their customers. The best part? Buying online makes it even easier.

Craftzero has a fantastic selection of the tastiest non alcoholic beers available with just the click of a button, delivered right to your door in a timely fashion.

House Recommendations:

All Rounder – Carlton Zero: a non alcoholic beer that actually tastes like beer, Carlton is using the same brewing process as the classic Carlton Draught with the alcohol gently removed. It has a crisp real beer flavour with a fruity aroma.

IPA – Athletic Brew Co. Run Wild IPA: craft beer lovers will appreciate this perfectly balanced blend, containing five varieties of Northwest hops with subtle pine and citrus notes.

Stout – Drop Bear Bonfire Stout: This British mouth-watering stout is vegan and gluten free, with a rich, smooth, roasted, malty taste that doesn’t disappoint.

Not sure where to begin? A ‘tasting box’ is a great way to try a few different brands and flavours at a great price. This one includes a mix of 12 carefully curated local and international non alcoholic beers with big names like Heineken 0.0, Peroni Libera and more. Grab one here!



  • Never new there were all this non-alch beer, which I would like to gain further knowledge. Have had 86 good years, like cooking, and hope to keep on keeping-on the good life.

    Geoff Isaac on
  • This beer will/is changing the game !
    I have served, drank and brewed beer my whole life (56) and this beer is as close to perfection as I have had the pleasure to enjoy and I am letting everyone know from family, friends and the odd store owner that does not stock this nectar from heaven.
    Well done boys, the product you have produced will/ is have/ing a positive effect and our drinking culture by giving the average punter an awesome option if they choose to enjoy an alcohol free drink/day.
    Cheers Spider

    Terry Spider on

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