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Non Alcoholic Beer

Non alcoholic beer gives you the crisp taste you crave without the looming hangover. From citrusy IPAs to stouts, alcohol free beer tastes just as good without the boozy aftermath. We’ve got an incredible selection of non alcoholic beer from some of the best breweries in Australia and around the world.
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Popular Beer Styles

Discover the most popular beer styles to enjoy with your friends and family.

Hop forward with a malty flavour and golden in colour

Non Alcoholic Pale Ale
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Hoppy, herbal, citrus, or fruity flavour

Non Alcoholic IPA
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Rich dark beer made from glorious black malt

Non Alcoholic Stout
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Light and malty style of beer

Non Alcoholic Lager
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Richer, smoother and creamier tastes in a plethora of flavours

Non Alcoholic Wheat Beer
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Extra pale, extra hoppy

Non Alcoholic XPA
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How is non-alcoholic beer made?
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Popular Brands

Check out these great breweries and their tasty offerings.

Big Drop Brewing Co
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UpFlow Brewing Co
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Hawkesbury Brewing Co
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FAQs About Non Alcoholic Beer

We've collected the most frequent questions about non alcoholic beer that beer drinkers ask.

What is non alcoholic beer?

Alcohol free beer is the beer you know and love minus the alcohol. Initially when non alcoholic beer was first introduced there wasn’t much of a variety available. As years have passed an assortment of craft alcohol free beers have become available, and we love that! In some of the beers we stock you will notice that they contain a small trace of alcohol, this is due to the fermentation process and is nothing to worry about! You can find the same small traces in both kombucha and banana bread.

Why choose non alcoholic beers?

There are many reasons for drinking non-alcoholic beers. It can be easier on your taste buds and stomach if you're not a huge drinker! You could also feel less guilty about indulging in one or two at social occasions since they have such low alcohol contents anyways. Non Alcoholic beers are not just popular with the older generation. Many people either enjoy it for the taste, or they're just drinking them because of their healthier alternative.

What is the difference between non alcoholic beer and alcoholic beer and a soft drink?

The difference between beer and non alcoholic beer is pretty simple although when you are drinking the two side by side it is a subtle difference. Generally, zero alcohol beer tastes very similar to beer containing alcohol; it is difficult to tell the difference.

Now for the harder question, the difference between non alcoholic beer and soft drink. Firstly, it is important to point out that soft drinks are full of sugar and generally looked at as bad for your health, mind, body, and teeth. Compared with alcohol free beer, which is made from natural ingredients, doesn’t have any additives, and is low on calories and sugar – it is a clear distinction that one benefits your health and the other doesn’t. So, if you were going to pick up a drink tonight, what would it be?

How are non alcoholic beers made?

Funnily enough most zero alcohol beers starts out the same as their counterparts; a mash is made, the liquid is extracted and boiled, the hops are added, and it is fermented with yeast. Is it at this point of the process that alcoholic beer would be bottled and ready for sale; zero alcohol beer takes a slightly different turn as we now have to reduce or completely eliminate the alcohol before it can be bottled. To do this there are 4 different methods: dealcoholisation, limited fermentation, dilution, or fermentation free. The two main methods for commercially sold beer are dealcoholisation and limited fermentation. If you would like to read more on this check our ‘how non alcoholic beer is made’ article.

What are the health benefits of non alcoholic beer?

By reducing your alcohol intake you are consciously taking a step to improve your health; if this is what you are aiming to do you may want to jump on the alcohol-free beers. Zero alcohol beer will give you more energy; processing alcohol consumes a lot of energy from your body as well as leaving you dehydrated. If you take the alcohol out of the picture you will find yourself with energy to spare! You will have more motivation; generally, when you drink alcohol the next day you can feel sluggish, fatigued, and find that it affects your mood. On the other hand when you drink alcohol free beer you can wake up feeling well rested, motivated, and recharged. Plus, did you know that most zero alcohol beers are lower in calories than their alcoholic counterparts; this means that without the hidden calories in beer you will lose weight without even trying. It also goes without saying that by drinking a beer with zero alcohol your liver will also be thanking you.

What beers have 0% of alcohol?

In NSW for a beer to be labelled as non alcoholic it needs to have under 1.15% alcohol per serving but we don’t stock anything above 0.5%. Some of the beer we stock that boast 0.0% alcohol are: Coast Beer Co Classic IPA Coast Beer Co Centennial IPA Coast Beer Co Sabro IPA Hawkesbury Prohibtion Non-Alcohol Pale Ale Holsten Alcohol Free Beer Carlton Zero Bridge Road Brewers Lemon + Lime + Hop Bitters Free Damn Non Alcoholic Lager Früh Kölsch Alcohol-Free Hop Valley h30 Sparkling Hop Water Malt Star Non Alcoholic Beverage Nirvana Dark and Rich Stout Nirvana Traditional Pale Ale All other beers listed on our website have 0.5% ABV or under.

How do I pick the best non alcoholic beer?

Well there are many things you should consider when selecting the best choice for you: Taste preference (e.g. dark and rich, light and crisp, tangy, citrus, etc.), the occasion you are planning to have the beer for (e.g. a party, barbeque with friends), goals of having the non alcoholic beer (e.g alcohol-free diet, better health goals). You can then look for a non-alcoholic beer that fits your preferred taste and purpose. If you don’t know or aren’t sure we suggest trying to find the perfect match by having an alcohol free tasting, and seeing which one is your favourite! Craftzero Beer Box is a perfect non-alcoholic sampling box.

How do I know which non alcoholic beers go best with certain foods?

For any occasion we would recommend using the flavour profile and food pairing suggestions on each of the individual beer’s pages. This can be a great place to start when figuring out how your ideal non-alcoholic beer will pair up with your favorite dish! The natural flavours in these beers make them versatile enough to fit well with almost any style of cuisine. And don’t forget that there are plenty of alcohol free wines, spirits, and cocktails also available through Craftzero!

What are Craftzero’s 5 must-try non alcoholic beers?

Below we have listed some of the Craftzero recommendations for non alcoholic beer:

Athletic Brew Co Run Wild IPA : This one is for all you craft beer lovers, brewed with organic Vienna malt and a blend of 5 varieties of Northwest hops, you will be sure to go wild for this award-winning brew.

Upflow Non Alcoholic Stout : Do we have some stout fans? There is nothing like an Upflow Stout to make you feel bold and sophisticated. With the deep and bold flavours of bittersweet chocolate and hints of espresso it is hard not to enjoy.

Mornington Free Non Alcoholic Pale Ale : Looking for a pale ale that packs all of the flavour but none of the booze? We’ve got you. The Mornington Free Pale Ale has citrus and passionfruit aromas brewed with a unique strain of yeast that makes for a crisp and refreshing drink.

Vandestreek Playground IPA : Made with five different types of hops this IPA brings out rusty orange tanginess which makes it fruity but not too sweet. It boasts a medium to full-bodied flavour which is impressive for a non alcoholic beer.

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale : Think light, limey citrus with a bite, balanced bitterness, and a dry aftertaste. This Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale delivers on flavours, taste, and aroma even with the alcohol removed. We love it, and so do our customers.

But of course, we have a large variety of beers for all types of drinkers so if none of those tickle your fancy then head to our beer page and check the others out!


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