More choice, more health, more lifestyle freedom.

It all began with a desire to drink better, healthier and smarter. With a passion to create history and to improve people’s lives, the two brother-in-laws began circulating the globe to curate a marketplace for artisan non-alcoholic beverages. Imagine a world where people interact, live and share stories in ways that doesn’t impact their culture, health or social etiquette. It’s a place where people are free to choose, without being judged. It’s a new place where you can live better and wiser. Our mission is to revolutionise the way people drink. Claim back your weekends and enjoy every moment. No more hangovers or messy text messages to your ex. Stay sharp and ahead of your game, drink wiser, drink smarter.

Who said non-alcoholic drinks do not taste good?
Some say they actually taste like a carnival of rainbows dancing across your tongue.

We scoured the globe for the best of the best. We found delicious gems all over the world. Full of flavor, life, character, and social vitality—it’s the non-alcoholic choice you have been waiting for. Best of all, each choice imbues your mind with all that goodness and self-love our society often aspires to have these days. Many beverages offer unique attributes like being lower in sugar and calories, in fact, some have absolutely zero. But most of all, they offer all the same joy as their alcoholic brethren without the wasted weekends, bad relationships to your liver and the pain of a hangover. It’s pretty much all the goodness without any hidden karmas.

We work with inspiring distillers, brewers, and winemakers that truly crafted the zero.
All the character, charm and aromas of your average beverage with zero karma.

They always say to make something good you need good ingredients, but here we have superior quality ingredients and incredible attention to details—which is what makes our range so great. Most of our products are produced as a small batch to ensure the outcome is truly sophisticated. The spirits botanicals are handpicked and distilled individually, the beers are made in a more complex technique than the alcoholic counterparts to make sure the outcome is full of flavor, character, and beautiful aromas.

Alcohol consumption going down, making sober and health-conscious lifestyles the new sexy.
With roughly 66% of 21 to 34-year-old alcohol drinkers aiming to reduce alcohol intake.*

At Craftzero, we have a range of non-alcoholic drinks to cater for every reason from religious to cultural to health reasons. If our customer just wants to cut down, go dry for a month or sober for life, Craftzero supports it. We often find the biggest motivation for non-alcoholic choices has been propelled by people becoming more aware of the negative impacts of alcohol and being more proactive in choosing a healthier lifestyle. So if you want better beverages without karma, Craftzero has you covered.

We are committed to supporting the non-alcoholic revolution—from the individual to the community.

Craftzero offers all the goodness with zero unseen karma.

At Craftzero, we are committed to supporting not only the individual but the community too. Because of this, we decided to donate $1 for every purchase made to an Australian charity. To top it off, we also want to provide our customers with the best prices and shopping experience possible. We guarantee we will go the extra mile to make sure all prices on our website are very competitive even when you compare them to the big guys.