When non-alcoholic wine was first introduced to Australian tastebuds, there were minimal options, and the flavours didn’t compare to the original thing. More like grape juice than a complex quaff, you get none of the complexity we know and love from our favourite wines. Thanks, but no thanks!

Fast forward a few years, and non-alcoholic wine has come a long way. In the last 6 months, particular advances in quality have made the benefits of drinking non-alcoholic wine a bonus, rather than a poor compromise for their older boozy sibling. Brands like Next Destination are showing everyone how it’s done, with excellent non-alcoholic wines that are complex, have vintage, and are from well-respected wine regions around Australia.

Much improved flavour is a massive factor in non-alcoholic wine’s appeal, but there are plenty of other reasons for choosing booze free the next time you pour a glass of wine or two, or even three. 

What exactly is non-alcoholic wine?

Non-alcoholic wine is something that looks, tastes, and even smells like wine, but contains very little (trace amounts under 0.5% ABV) or none at all. The result is a delicious beverage that gives you the taste and ritual of unwinding after a long day of celebrating, without any of the alcohol downsides.

There are a variety of complex and labour intensive methods to create high-quality non-alcoholic wines, from vacuum distillation to temperature controlled processes that remove alcohol and re-introduce aromatics. Some options take a simpler route of mixing grapes used for wine with carbonated water for a deliciously refreshing, sparkling alternative to the ‘real thing’. Something like Lyre’s Classico is never made as a wine, but is created to be a wine-like beverage. Rest assured, non-alcoholic wine is a far cry from grape juice.

Is choosing non-alcoholic wine worth it?

In short – yes! The fact is the best non-alcoholic wines offer a flavour profile that’s just as complex as your standard bottle of plonk, but they also come with a heap of health and lifestyle benefits. 

If you’ve been thinking of making the switch, check out our top benefits of drinking non-alcoholic wine, as well as some recommendations that are definitely worth a try. 

1. Less calories in

Although every brand is slightly different, on average, alcohol free wine has considerably less calories than regular wine. That adds up quickly if you are enjoying a whole bottle! If you are watching what you eat and exercising regularly, non-alcoholic wine can keep you from going full cheat day and loading up on empty calories.

For something that’s light on calories but big on flavour, we recommend Next Destination’s 2021 Langhorne Creek Blanc de Blanc. With around 17 calories per 100ml versus an average of 80 calories per 100ml for alcoholic equivalents, there’s no denying the maths here. 

2. Better sleep

We have all been there, wide awake at 3am with the dry horrors. Although alcohol is a sedative and can knock you out, there’s always that point sometime in the night when your body comes back to life and your brain is screaming out for hydration. You can now enjoy a glass (or more) of alcohol free wine to your heart’s content without affecting your sleep pattern.

Enter: Two Hoots Non-Alcoholic Rosé. This non-alcoholic rosé wine is perfect for parties and celebrations, minus any of the alcohol that can disrupt your sleep. Crafted in coastal South Africa, this crisp, dry and well balanced drop will ensure a great night and plenty of shut eye.

3. Lifestyle choices

Hate feeling groggy or sluggish after knocking back a few glasses of full strength wine? What you want to avoid is added sulphur dioxide which is a common preservative added during the winemaking process. The (hangover) cure is simple, choose a high-quality wine that’s naturally lower in sulphites.

One high-quality alternative is 1920 Wines Pinot Grigio. Crisp and refreshing, this white pairs beautifully with fish dishes or as an accompaniment to any grazing platter – all the fun of a cheeky glass without any of the downsides.

If you’re after some bubbly, non-alcoholic sparkling wines such as Thomson and Scott’s Noughty are ticking multiple boxes by being not only low in sugar and delicious, but also offering organic, vegan and Halal friendly options. If you’re hosting a big bash or having some new mates around for dinner, this alcohol free sparkling wine will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

4. Hangxiety-free mornings after

A lot of us have felt hangxiety – the combination of dread about something you might have done or said the night before, a pounding headache or a nauseous, queasy feeling. While alcohol free wine can’t cure a hangover, it can most certainly help prevent it. Even if you’re not looking to cut out alcohol altogether, introducing alcohol free wine bottles to your cellar gives you an alternative that’s perfect for early morning commitments the next day. 

If you love a night cap but could do without the headache, try Next Destination 2018 Barossa Valley Shiraz. Refined, complex, and bold, it’s the perfect choice for a drop that won’t give you hangxiety in the morning.

5. A social option everyone can enjoy

There are lots of reasons you might want to move to non-alcoholic wine; whether it’s a temporary thing or a conscious lifestyle choice, the days of making people drink in order to socialise are long gone. 

Alcohol free wine enables everyone to still enjoy that much-needed glass after some hard yakka or to have a good time with their mates. Best of all, non-alcoholic wine is still complex and subtle in flavour, unlike the unrelenting sweetness of a soft drink or boring, plain water.

If you’re looking to entertain, we recommend Thomson & Scott Noughty Chardonnay. This certified organic, vegan and Halal non-alcoholic sparkling wine is dry like a brut, and full of flavour with a great bead. 

Refined, inclusive and better for you — what’s not to love about non-alcoholic wine?

Whatever your reasons for cutting back on alcohol or avoiding it altogether, no one wants to be that person at a party miserably sipping on soda water or overdoing it on sugary soft drinks. If you have a delicious glass of non-alcoholic bubbles in your hand to cheers and make toasts with, or can enjoy a delicious deep alcohol free red over dinner with friends, you really don’t feel like you are missing anything. FOMO, be gone!

Perhaps the best benefit of non-alcoholic wine is it gives you the flexibility and versatility of choice. Whatever your lifestyle, needs or tastes, we’re certain there’s a complex and drinkable non-alcoholic wine to suit you. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of booze free wine and wondering where to buy non-alcoholic wine, check out our favourite picks and shop non-alcoholic wine today.


Interesting read. Thank you. I am looking for a really bold shiraz. I am finding that sourcing a good 0% Shiraz is harder than I thought.

— Gary Dillon