Hawkesbury Brewing Co’s prohibition range is naturally fermented and brewed with premium ingredients to bring out the full range of flavours. They then use proprietary know-how to reduce the alcohol levels before dry hopping with a variety of Australian hops to deliver a perfectly balanced, easy-drinking beer that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. Hawkesbury Brewing Co beers are all-natural and made with the finest ingredients and people. They are a proudly Australian independent brewery dedicated to making beer that brings people together. Hawkesbury started their brewery with a lot of hard work and a lot of community support. They are based in Australia and strongly believe in giving back to their community and those around them.

So, what Makes a Great Ale Beer? Depending on the fermentation process, a beer can be classified as a lager or an ale. Top fermentation, in which yeast ferments at warmer temperatures and settles at the top of the beer, is used to make ales. The yeast used in ales is more tolerant of alcohol than the yeast used in lagers. A great ale is typically fruitier, sweeter, fuller-bodied, and more complex than other beers, making ale smoother, lighter, and easier to drink in general.

Prohibition Pacific Ale

Prohibition Pacific Ale is brewed naturally with premium ingredients and fermented naturally to bring out the full range of flavours. With tropical aromas and notes of passionfruit, mandarin, and pineapple, this non-alcoholic beer is clean, bright, and refreshing. Hawkesbury Brewing Co. employs proprietary techniques to reduce alcohol levels prior to dry hopping with a trio of Australian hops. The end result is a perfectly balanced, easy-to-drink beer that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. This refreshing and crisp ale is both low in calories and low in sugar with also less than 0.2% alcohol. Hawkesbury’s prohibition pacific ale holds the same great taste we love in a classic ale while also being completely alcohol free which equals guilt free!

Prohibition Pale Ale

Along with their pacific ale, Hawkesbury also has an alcohol-free pale ale. It's difficult to believe this beer is non-alcoholic, with its full hop flavour and citrusy brightness. Hawkesbury Non-Alcoholic Prohibition Pale Ale is naturally brewed with only the highest quality ingredients and incorporates Citra and Galaxy hops for a full-bodied experience. It has an undeniable flavour that even prohibitionists can appreciate. This delicious, alcohol-free beer has only 93 calories per serve with an alcohol level of below 0.2% meaning you can enjoy this pale ale completely guilt free and anywhere, anytime.

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Sherif Goubran