This month we take a peak into NORT, the thriving non-alcoholic craft brewery led by female co-founder, Jaz. Join us as we discover the world of NA craft beers through the eyes of Jaz.

Give us some background on yourself

Hi, I'm Jaz. I’m the founder of NORT Beer and the co-founder, along with my husband Grant, of Modus Brewing, one of the most awarded breweries in Australia. I have always loved beer but it really started back in 2012 when I spent 6 months travelling around the states learning everything about making high quality beer. Yep, it was as good as it sounds - ha! My passion and interest for non-alcoholic beer arrived when I was pregnant in 2018 and couldn't find a good, crafted non-alcoholic beer in the market. It continued when Covid hit and I noticed folks increasing their alcohol intake and having to deal with all the uncertainty with a hangover. Not a great combo. I was confident after 7 years of brewing beer that I could craft a non-alc beer that tasted like the real thing.

Why have you decided to move to alcohol-free beers?

I have noticed a need and demand for balance. There are some people that choose not to drink alcohol at all and I feel honoured that they are choosing NORT as their drink, but there are also an increasing amount of folks that still enjoy an alcoholic drink but then balance their intake with a non-alcoholic option. As someone that participates in this balance, it has been a game changer for me. Also everyone at Modus and NORT HQ are loving the fact we can now sit at our desks and crack a beer at midday. So much more refreshing than a softie with your sambo.

What were the benefits you gained from lowering your alcohol intake?

There are a few to choose from that's for sure! Firstly - there's the fact that you can enjoy a beer (at anytime of the day - breakfast beer anyone?) and then continue on with everyday life activities without any worries … driving around, at work, doing the parenting duties - it's great. Secondly - there's no such thing as hangovers, which are a real pain in the arse. And finally, my energy levels. I used to want a nanna nap all the time, but I have noticed (just now writing this) that it isn't a need anymore.

Do you still drink alcohol sometimes?

Yes. Its hard not to when we also produce some really great alcoholic beers through Modus and I still have such passion for that business. However, after doing Dry July and witnessing the positive effects on my health and lifestyle, I'm committed to reducing my alcohol intake for the long term.

How have people reacted when you decided to drink alcohol-free beer?

There's a mixed perception out there on alcohol-free beers - especially given a lot of people are yet to try and experience the new wave on non-alcoholic beers out there. All the same flavour and refreshment as the real thing. Overall though it's been really positive and people have been supportive (in particular on my recent Dry July journey!).

What is your favourite alcohol-free craft beer?

In our NORT range I'd have to say our new Pacific Ale - it's a cracker! Outside NORT, as a dark beer lover, I enjoyed trying UpFlows Stout the other day.

Where do you usually enjoy your alcohol-free craft beers?

Anywhere I can get my hands on them! At home, in the office, in restaurants/bars - it's pretty broad these days. My favourite thing to do is pack a little cooler of the NORT XPA and after a weekend surf, my mates and I sit down and crack one on the beach. So refreshing and you don't feel fuzzy afterwards.

Finally, to whom would you recommend making this choice?

Our tag line is Enjoy More. And this make so much sense to me after balancing booze and non-alcoholic for over 9 months now. Non-alcoholic balance is for those people that are sick of hangovers, enjoy an early morning surf or workout, want to be clear headed at work, head out with their mates for some beers and not feel left out (whether they are balancing alcoholic beers with non-alcoholic) and then get home without regrets and sleep like a baby.. all whilst enjoying more flavour out of a non-alcoholic beer!

If you're interested in Nort beers, you can shop the collection here.

Sherif Goubran
Tagged: Champion