Give us some background on yourself 

I’ve been an avid watcher of the craft industry for over 10 years after an almost 15 year career trading the ASX. We started Heads of Noosa around 2.5 years ago and it’s been the journey of a lifetime.

Why have you decided to move to alcohol-free beers or hop infused water? 

We had seen this concept pulled off overseas, and whilst having never tried any of the other versions, we set off to experiment to see what we could come up with. We feel there was an important hole in our core range that needed plugging in the alcohol free space. While many others have been looking at zero or ultra -ow alcohol beers we thought it would be cool to have a massive point of difference, yet still work with ingredients we were familiar with.

What were the benefits you gained from lowering your alcohol intake? 

Alcohol free days are common among many (not all) beer enthusiasts, so the Hop Valley just helps you get through them without feeling left out! Being Sugar free as well is a big bonus when doing this.

Do you still drink alcohol sometimes? 

Yes I do, of course! It’s hard not to when you own a brewery.

How have people reacted when you decided to drink alcohol-free beer or hop infused water? 

People are more understanding these days than they have ever been, the beauty of Hop Valley H2O is it feels like you’re drinking something naughty so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. It also comes in a beer bottle – your mates would be hard pressed knowing that you’re not drinking.

What is your favourite alcohol-free craft beer? 

Admittedly I haven’t tried them all, but so far I have to say Heaps Normal has done a pretty banging job!

Where do you usually enjoy your alcohol-free craft beers or hop infused water? 

At the brewery we drink a tonne of Hop Valley H2O during the day, personally I drink 1 or 2 most nights when I get home.

Finally, to whom would you recommend making this choice? 

Hop Valley is a good one to have in your fridge next to your beers. It certainly appeals to the fitness crowd and others like myself who are keen to enjoy a drink but without the alcohol content.

Sherif Goubran