Whatever your reason for abstaining from alcohol, these non-alcoholic drinks, wines, beers, and mocktail recipes are delicious and the perfect easy non-alcoholic drinks for this upcoming picnic season. It's also ideal for Christmas, New Year's Eve, as well as for designated drivers. Having a few non-alcoholic drink options that don't taste like you're drinking from a juice box are very useful, whether you're intentionally skipping the liquor or just looking for something pleasant to sip for a picnic day out with friends, there are plenty of delicious, refreshing options out there.

In today’s post we wanted to share with you some of our favourite non-alcoholic drinks and mixtures that will have you drooling this picnic season. First up on our list, is the Thomson and Scott Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay. This wine is completely alcohol free so you can take it anywhere, anytime, and it also has a bubbly finish and is packed full of flavour, mimicking the same great Chardonnay taste you know and love. Another amazing alcohol free wine is the Carl Jung rose, with fruity and fun undertones, it also blends apples and grapes to create the perfect rose blend.

If you are more of a beer kind of person, don’t worry, you will be amazed at the abundance of delicious alcohol free beers that are currently booming on the market. One of our all time favourites is the Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale, it has all the tastes you have come to expect from a good pale ale just without the alcohol, it’s a win-win! If you want a more fruity flavoured beer then we highly suggest the Athletic Brew Co. Run Wild IPA. It is filled with intense flavours of pine, citrus, and perfectly balanced, the perfect drink for a hot summer day picnic. 

If you are more of a cocktail drinker, we have you covered. If you love a classic G&T but don’t want to sacrifice that same taste you know and love just because you’re not drinking alcohol, never fear, just grab your favourite soda or tonic water, a lemon, and some Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, an alcohol free gin that tastes like the real thing! Maybe you are searching for a cocktail that has a little more of a citrus, bitter taste? Why not try an orange, ginger mocktail. Simply add fresh orange juice, chilled pineapple juice, teaspoon of bitters, and some ginger beer, we recommend the Strangelove hot ginger beer, to a tall glass with ice and a slice of orange for garnish. If you are looking to spice it up, we suggest trying out Fluere Raspberry gin. It is completed alcohol-free and will make your drink that much more tasty. Another one of our favourites over here at Craftzero is called the ‘Lime Fizz’. We love it because not only is it very simple but it also tastes delicious and there is so much you can do with it. All you need is a large glass, crushed ice, ¾ cup lime syrup, fresh lime juice, and fill the rest up with soda water. If you want to make it even more fancy, add a slice of lime to garnish. 

And finally, for those of you who are new to the non-alcoholic alcohol game, then we have the perfect solution for you. Why not try one of our non-alcoholic bundles. If you are a beer lover or wine fanatic, we have you covered. If you are wanting to find the perfect alcohol free cocktail kit for a picnic with friends, we have you sorted. Try out one of our non-alcoholic bundles to start your alcohol free journey today and see what all the hype is about.  

Additionally, if you are looking to learn more about alcohol-free beverages, how they are made, where they come from, the ingredients that are included, basically anything about alcohol free drinks and the recent buzz they have been creating, head over to our registration page or feel free to contact us