It’s no secret that Aussies love a good bevvy. Whether it’s downing some beers at a family BBQ or grabbing a G&T (ok - a few G&Ts) with coworkers for Happy Hour, there’s no denying that we’re a culture that knows how to drink. 

However, we also know a thing or two about the downsides of drinking. If you’ve been quietly wondering how much better you might feel if you stopped drinking, you’re just in time for Dry July to give it a go.

Here’s what a month without drinking can do for your body.


Within just one week of switching out your normal red wine for a glass of non-alcoholic Giesen 0% New Zealand Merlot, you’ll notice that you’re getting much better sleep. 

This one may be confusing because alcohol can make us sleepy. So, you may have gotten into a habit of winding down with a bottle of red. But, alcohol actually prevents REM sleep, which is an important part of the process. 

Better sleep means more productivity, higher energy levels, and better moods, memory improvements, more self-control, and better decision-making. Long story short, Dry July helps you get your snooze on! And what’s more, you’ll wake up actually feeling refreshed. 


A hangover is essentially a response to extreme dehydration. When you drink alcohol, your body loses liquid and pulls the lost water from your brain. It causes those headaches we all know so well after a big night out.

When taking a month off alcohol, you’ll notice early on that your headaches go away, you have more energy, and your skin has cleared up - all thanks to improved hydration. They say, drink more water. We say, drink less alcohol. 


The liver is our personal detox system. When we drink alcohol, it’s filtered through your liver. But after too much drinking, overuse can cause cirrhosis as your liver replaces healthy tissue with scar tissue. 

The point is, your liver can recover (if minimal damage has been caused) in only 4 to 8 weeks without alcohol. So, during Dry July, if you swap out your pints with something like a non-alcoholic lager, your liver will thank you.


Last, but not least, turning your back on alcohol for Dry July can improve your mental health. Alcohol literally changes the composition of your brain and reduces the release of serotonin, meaning it can trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Plus, drinking alcohol can often become a vicious cycle of trying to escape your problems while making them worse. Not ideal... 

Sure, alcohol can let down our inhibitions and loosen up even the most high strung among us. But, in the long run, we’re actually happier without it. Who knew?!


Convinced? We thought so. If you find yourself saying, “This July, I’m turning my back on alcohol,” you’re in luck! Craftzero offers a ton of delicious non-alcoholic beverages for your Dry July experience.


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July 01, 2020 — Marc Naggar

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