The weekend is here and you’ve had a rough week at work. It’s time to let loose, relax, and catch up with your mates. You start planning a night at your local pub for a pint or two before mingling at the trendy rooftop bar next door. After all, you’re single and who knows - you might meet “the one” between the loud music and endless cocktails.

Then, you check the calendar and it hits you. July has arrived and you remember committing to turning your back on alcohol this month. Your stomach starts to churn as you think about how many times you’ll have to explain, “No thanks, I’m not drinking tonight.” 

You still want to hang and be social, but you’re serious about Dry July. What to do?! 

Not to worry! We’re here to help you handle social situations during Dry July, no matter how cringy it might seem.

Prepare to Answer Awkward Questions Before Going Out

“So, do you not like alcohol?” 

“I could never give up drinking!”

These are just a few presumptions you may be dealing with during Dry July. Kind of annoying, right? That’s why it’s ideal to have some responses locked and loaded before you head to a social event this month.

“Sure, I like the taste of alcohol, but I don’t always like the way it makes me feel the next day. That’s why I’m taking a break this month. I’m trying to focus on my health. Don’t worry though - I’ve got my u.NN Alcohol-Free IPA to keep me going. It tastes just like my favourite beer, all without the downsides!”

Bring Your Own Drinks

Want to avoid cringy conversations altogether? Bring your own non-alcoholic drinks. Grab some Santa Digna De-Alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc for girl’s night or bring a few Big Drop Alcohol-Free Pale Ales to a Sunday picnic. 

It’s a sneaky way to stay committed to Dry July without eliciting any unsolicited comments from your well-meaning friends. Problem solved!

Dating in Dry July

Drinking and dating pretty much go hand in hand. We take a shot (or two) before our Tinder match arrives at the bar and you decide to order a bottle of wine with dinner - you know, for the romantic vibes. Either way, dating during Dry July presents its own challenges.

First things first, be honest upfront. Your date’s reaction will either be a red flag or you’ll see how supportive they can be straight away. Regardless, it’s a solid ice-breaker and you’ll actually be getting to know them without alcohol blurring the lines.

As tough as it is to relax on a date, be cool! There’s no shame in taking a break from alcohol. Plus, just because it’s Dry July doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious wine. Pour your date some Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay and work your magic with a clear mind.


The best way to cope with social situations in Dry July is by reminding yourself why you’ve turned your back on alcohol in the first place. If you’re confident about your reasons, you’ll find it easier to manage any off-the-cuff remarks. Who knows - people’s reactions might surprise you.

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Sherif Goubran