You pay for a gym membership every month, but hardly ever seem to go. You sign up for yet another 30-day challenge, starting off strong, but falling off the wagon by Day 20. You’re constantly trying and re-trying to meet your fitness goals, but something’s holding you back.

If you’re turning your back on alcohol for Dry July, you might be surprised at all the improvements you’ll see in your fitness game. How can Dry July improve your fitness? 

Let’s find out.


Alcohol leaves us super dehydrated and low on energy. Not to mention, a long night out usually means we’re knackered for most of the next day. Hello, hangover! Goodbye, gym session. 

When you drink, your body is depleted and needs most of its energy to metabolise the alcohol in your blood. Dry July means you can put that energy toward your fitness.

During Dry July, you’ll also be getting better sleep in the first week or two. Switching to non-alcoholic wine means that you’ll be feeling more energised and ready to tackle your fitness goals. Trust us - you’ll be practically bouncing off the walls with energy the less alcohol you drink.


Finding the motivation to lace up your trainers and get to the gym is hard enough. Being in an alcohol-induced bad mood will make it even harder. Less alcohol means a better overall mood and, in turn, means you’ll have more motivation to exercise. 

Just think about it. When’s the last time you were hungover and decided to hit up a kickboxing class? Probably never. 

Plus, you definitely won’t want to be sweating your face off in hot yoga after a big night out. Remember that alcohol leaves your body severely dehydrated. Losing even more water during a super sweaty session is going to leave you feeling worse. 

This vicious cycle won’t lead to the motivation needed to stick to your gym routine. So, try switching to non-alcoholic beer and you’ll find it so much easier to get off the lounge.


When alcohol is involved, there’s a lot of wasted time going around. After a few too many glasses of wine after dinner, we’re too hungover the next morning to even think about going for a run. Forget it, you say, I’ll try again next week. 

Instead, we spend the day on the lounge, watching reruns of Kath and Kim, when, without the alcohol, we’d likely spend that time a little more wisely.

When you turn your back on alcohol during Dry July, you’ll find that there’s so much free time to spend working on your fitness. 


Alcohol itself has a lot of hidden calories. So, once you cut out alcohol for Dry July, you’ll start to lose weight without trying. Even if you decide to switch to non-alcoholic beer, you’ll likely be consuming far fewer calories than you would when alcohol is front and centre.

The funny thing is, when we start losing weight and experiencing positive results, we’re likely to feel more inspired to go to the gym. Simply, reducing your alcohol intake can be a massive push in the right direction. And let’s face it - we all need that push now and then.


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