Shot glasses? No. Bottle of wine? Think again. Brewery tour? Not this time. It’s Dry July and your sober friend’s birthday is this weekend. Why is it that so many great gift ideas are alcoholic? 

You’ll want to be supportive of their decision to go sober, right? So, what should you get?

Not to worry - we’re here for you with our 5 sober-friendly gifts to support a friend on their journey to sobriety. You’re welcome.


With Aussies, you can’t really go wrong with coffee. And these days, it seems like there’s a subscription service for everything. Instead of taking your mate out for one measly coffee, gift them with a coffee bean subscription for the month. 

They’ll have fresh beans delivered to their door and it’ll feel like their birthday for 30 days straight. 


What to do every night instead of drinking? Cook, of course! There’s nothing like diving into a new hobby, encouraging them to stick to their goals and stay sober. Cooking classes are an incredible gift that keeps on giving. 

Bonus points if they’re your housemate since you’re likely to get some free meals out of the arrangement. 


For your introverted mate that’s always got their nose in a book, gifting something inspirational to read is perfect for sobriety. At the end of the day, staying sober is all about mental toughness. And if your friend is reading books on how to stay strong, live out their values, and lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s extra encouragement. 

Non-fiction books like “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday are perfect. But perhaps giving them your favourite novel, something that always makes you feel good is a thoughtful touch.


Similar to the cooking classes, buying your sober friend a gym membership is likely to set them on a trajectory toward health and happiness. They chose sobriety for a reason and a gym membership gives them another reason to take action on their goals. 

Many gyms have incentives for current members when they sign up a friend. They’ll have a new hobby and you’ll have a new gym buddy. It’s a win-win!


Just because your friend is sober doesn’t mean you can’t throw them an incredible party. There’s this stigma that if you turn your back on alcohol during Dry July or you choose sobriety indefinitely, it means saying goodbye to the fun. Not true!

Grab a few cans of non-alcoholic IPA, a grazing board, and head out on an arvo picnic. Feast on a huge Italian dinner with all their closest friends, complete with alcohol-free wine. Bring out the zero-alcohol spirits and dance the night away in a full house to your favourite playlist. 

The best part of it is, no one will have a hangover the next day. Planning one of the best parties of their lives is a great way to show them that sobriety can still be a hoot. Who knows - you might inspire some of your other friends to catch the sober train.


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July 24, 2020 — Marc Naggar

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