It’s August. Dry July is over. Now what? 

During this time you probably enjoyed waking up a bit earlier. Conversations could have been clearer. You might have even made more progress on that project in the back shed that was gathering dust. It’s clear you enjoyed the benefits of not drinking – but what does this mean?

Relax. It means you enjoyed being sober for a while. That’s okay! 

In a world of absolutes, it’s easy to feel challenged by the decision to go sober. Common questions from well-meaning friends include “does this mean you’re not drinking now?” and “you’re allowed to have a drink now right?”

Navigating these questions can be tricky. We have a knack for finding reasons to have an alcoholic drink, but we aren’t as good at finding reasons why we don’t want to. Dry July provides an easy way to discard those questions, but what do you do once it has passed and you want to continue to make healthier choices?


It’s human nature to think the only answers to these questions about sobriety are yes and no. There is actually a name for this. False dilemmas are situations presented as choosing either Option A or Option B. The reality of most situations is there are many more options.

Life is far more interesting. We don’t have to commit to one option or another. Besides, a lot more Aussies are starting to choose Option C (which stands for Curiosity). 


You’re not alone. In Australia, Google Searches for the term “sober curious” have doubled in the last two years. Sober dance parties are emerging like Xstatic Sunets in Sydney. Meetup groups and online communities are growing too. The website Sober Upside shares a lot of awesome ways to socialise and meet likeminded people who want to remain alcohol-free.


Another big benefit to continuing sobriety is that there are more drinking options than ever. 

Beers that are traditionally craft now have alcohol-free styles available such as stouts, IPAs and flavoured pilsners. Wine has come even further, with low-alcohol, no-alcohol, vegan, and organic blends on offer too


The fresh mornings don’t have to stop. It also doesn’t mean you’re never touching alcohol again!

2020 has been one of the strangest on record - so why make it harder with dramatic decisions?

Take each day as it comes, listen to yourself, and enjoy the choices you make. The good news is option for everyone that supports those choices.


Alcohol free beer on the rise, read our blog post THE TOP 10 REASONS WHY NON ALCOHOLIC BEER IS HERE TO STAY to know why. 

July 31, 2020 — Marc Naggar

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