You have just finished another day at the office. Because of ‘Rona, your gym is closed and your friends are not going out. So you make your way home wanting to chill out and relax. Before you know it, you are sitting in front of the tv with a beer. The same thing you have done most nights this week.

COVID-19 has made life harder for us and it’s been easy to overeat, binge watch tv and drink more than usual. If you want to change course and take on a new, healthier, lifestyle, we have you covered with some helpful tips of things you can do at home to cut back on alcohol consumption.


Science has proved that having good habits makes your life easier. You will be making the right choices every day without knowing it. Try shaping your getting-home routine around exercising, Skyping with friends, a handy project or crafts. Something fun to unwind in a healthy way. 


If you are working from home, keep your normal work routines. Don’t drink during your normal work hours. If you have kids around, don’t forget you are setting the example. Why not be the mum that builds a castle with them instead of the mum that drinks 2 glasses of wine each afternoon? You can also switch to non-alcoholic wine and you won't feel like you're missing out.


The lockdown and uncertain times have stressed all of us. That has made many Australians up their alcohol intake. One drink isn’t the problem, but if it’s several every day, you might want to regain control.

If you are bored, lonely, or stressed, don’t use alcohol to cope. It won’t help you. Exercise, meditate, read, do an online course, spend time with family and friends. Find a non-alcoholic beer alternative to help you reduce your alcohol intake.


Can you have three consecutive days of alcohol-free? What could be your reward? Put the money you save toward buying something you have wanted for a while. Or your dream to travel the world (once we finally can again). You can also switch to non-alcoholic beer to make the challenge easier.


For this one, the sky can’t be the limit. Set yourself limits and stick to them. Try making sure you drink a glass of water or a non-alcoholic cocktail between each drink.


Sometimes it’s nice to just let go and enjoy what you like. If sparkling mineral water and soft drinks are not your cup of tea, why not give alcohol-free drinks a go? It’s like drinking a beer, but healthy! There are alcohol-free options for every type of drink: beer, wine, spirits, Craftzero has them all.


We get taught the buddy system from Kindie and there is a good reason behind it. Having an activity buddy will make it a thousand times easier for you both to keep at it, whatever it is you are doing together. May it be early morning surfing, sunset yoga at the park, a craft project or sipping alcohol-free drinks on the deck.


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August 19, 2020 — Marc Naggar


Simone Allaway said:

Awesome products and service that you provide. It’s about time not drinking had some fun choices rather than the same old soft drink at dinner. Thank you 😊

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