You’ve swiped right. You’ve texted a bit and agreed to meet for drinks. The bar is lively, the lighting is dim, music plays softly. She looks exactly like her picture, she has a big smile and seems a little nervous. You immediately offer to get the drinks in. She asks what you’re drinking. You brace yourself unsure how this will go but decide to be honest and tell her you’re not. Your next drink will be a non-alcoholic beer

Mood killer or mood maker?

 A recent survey conducted on dating app Bumble found that 67% of users are interested in sober dating. Dates are about getting to know someone. To see if there are sparks flying between you. How can you tell if there’s any chemistry when alcohol has dulled the whole thing? It takes guts to put yourself out there and meet someone new. You can still go for drinks, there are some great tasting non-alcoholic wine options out there that have lots of character and are also a good talking point. 

We asked some female friends of Craftzero about their thoughts on sober dates.

‘Great, it feels weirdly mature and nice, to get to know someone in real life.’ 

‘Yeah, why not? If you like someone you like someone, what’s alcohol got to do with it?’ might just be the solution

Dating without drinking is becoming more and more common. A study in the UK showed that 65% of 25 to 34-year-olds are trying to or have tried to cut back their alcohol intake. Abstaining from alcohol has less to do with alcoholism and more to do with the negative side effects that come from drinking; fuzzy brain, bad decisions, anxiety, late-night texts to the wrong person, smashing hangover. 

Next Generation Drinking

The idea that you have to get drunk to socialise seems to belong to a previous generation. Why should you feel pressured to drink alcohol at every social occasion? Make your own decisions. It’s nice to enjoy yourself without side effects. Rest assured you’re not alone, there’s a lot of people out there on the dating scene who are sober curious. So, don’t squash the pre-date jitters with a few tinnies, embrace the butterflies. You’ve got this.


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May 04, 2020 — Sherif Goubran

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