Non alcoholic beer recommendations from Tom, the Steady Drinker [2020 Updated]

I love real good ale and craft beer. But, with a newborn baby to look after, an expanding waistline, and hangovers that definitely haven’t improved with age, I’ve decided it’s time to cut down on my alcohol intake  — Tom from the Steady Drinker.

Tom’s story is not unique. What is unique is the product of his decision to reduce his alcohol intake: a whole successful blog on non-alcoholic beers! The Steady Drinker blog was born as the result of Tom’s life-altering choice, and what a gift it is to us all, alcohol-free beer fans.

We are talking about him because, like us at Craftzero, he wants to help more people cut down on their alcohol intake and live a healthier, happier life. Exactly why we started this business.

To stop drinking alcohol can be very hard. What helps is to have a collective behind you and knowing that your motivations are valid and shared by a lot of other people. And they are! The average Aussie drunk 67% less alcoholic beer in 2018 compared to 1974. Instead, in recent years, the non alcoholic beer industry has boomed. Today we have a great variety of non-alcoholic beers that taste as good as full-strength ones!

Australian brewed non-alcoholic beers

Carlton Zero - Yet to be rated

In 2018, acting on the national market shift towards non-alcoholic beer, Melbourne-based Carlton launched its first-ever Zero alcohol beer. Within the first year, the Zero alcohol beer rose to account for around a quarter of the total Carlton’s revenues, that’s 3.4 million litres of non alcoholic beer drunk by Aussies in just a year!

Upflow Pale Ale - 6.9/10

Several smaller producers have also appeared on the market. These include another Melbourne-based brewery: Upflow Brewing. 

The Upflow Pale Ale was recently reviewed by Tom and achieved a 6.9 total score, a non-alcoholic beer with a "good mouthfeel, low bitterness".

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale - 8/10

With the non alcoholic beer market rapidly growing in Australia, some foreign brewers have set up production locally. That is the case for Big Drop Brewing. Ranked number 7 in Tom’s best non-alcoholic beers and alcohol-free lagers in 2020 is the UK-developed but Melbourne-brewed Big Drop Pine Trail Alcohol-Free Pale Ale. “A fine example of an interesting non-alcoholic beer. It’s refreshing, full of distinctive flavours and aroma and has a great body/mouthfeel”.

Overseas brewed non-alcoholic beers

Craftzero imports various non-alcoholic beers reviewed by the Steady Drinker including:

Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout - 8.5/10

Special mention goes to Big Drop Galactic Milk Non-Alcoholic Stout. It’s Tom’s pick for the best non-alcoholic stout out there in 2020! It being the most impressive out of more than 57 dark beers and stouts he has tried from all over the world says something. He is not alone in his praise; this alcohol-free stout is the 2020 winner of the World’s Best Flavoured Low Alcohol Beer at the World Beer Awards.

Finding the best low alcohol and non-alcoholic beers and lagers can be a tricky task. Lucky for you all non-alcoholic beers on Craftzero are top quality. Don’t believe us, believe Tom’s reviews. He has drunk hundreds of alcohol-free beers for his Steady Drinker’s blog. We hope you love them as much as we do and that they help you on your journey to a healthier fuller life.


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