For Trent from @af.beersquad drinking alcohol-free beer is a way to have time back and to enjoy a cold one whenever he wants, no shouldn’t couldn’t.

When you don’t have to deal with the crippling hangovers or wasted weekends, you can crack another AF beer open without thinking twice about it.

Have you also reached that point in life where “it just makes sense to drink less more often, be there for our partners and children. And to also be switched on for work and kick-ass”? This is the story of how he got there.

Give us some background on yourself

I’m Trent the founder of AF Beer Squad. We, much like your Craftzero, strive to introduce Aussies to the new and amazing alternatives to alcoholic adult drinks. We specialise in beer only though. What’s unique about AF Beer Squad? We do subscription boxes so people can work out what styles of alcohol-free beer they like!

I also work full time as an electrical and automation technician. Doing both keeps me busy! 

Why have you decided to move to alcohol-free beers?

The hangovers! I love craft beer and the ABV levels seem to be getting higher and higher. I still drink but I limit my ABV to 4% and under. Drinking alcohol-free beer the majority of the time means I can have a beer whenever I feel like it but none of the lows and let downs associated with alcohol.

The new alcohol-free beers coming into the scene this year have been mind-blowing. And I know my craft beers…

What were the benefits you gained from lowering your alcohol intake?

Time! As I said, I still drink some full-strength beers at times, but I’m very mindful I haven’t been hungover in such a long time. Being active on the weekends and motivated on Monday morning to start the working week are the best changes I’ve noticed since cutting back on alcohol.

Do you still drink alcohol sometimes?

Yes, roughly once or twice a month. I seem to go through patches. I drink far far less than I ever have in the last 20 odd years.

I don’t drink to get drunk, rather just tasting new beers that are recommended by other beer influencers.

I’m happy to drink alcohol-free beer the majority of the time but there’s also some great ‘leaded’ craft beer that I enjoy drinking. It’s my hobby.

How have people reacted when you decided to drink alcohol-free beer?

My mates get it. Some of them are on the alcohol-free beer wagon now too. We’re all nearing 40, some have young children and are reaching career goals. So it just makes sense to drink less more often, be there for our partners and children. And to also be switched on for work and kick ass.

Do you have a partner in sobriety? Who?

My wife isn’t a big drinker, hasn’t been for a few years now. So it’s quite easy at home to not drink at all.

What is your favourite alcohol-free craft beer? 

Hard one… depends on the day of the week or time of year for me. That’s the magic of craft beer, there’s one for every occasion.

Special mentions are Heaps Normal XPA, Big Drop Pale Ale, Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner, Upflow Stout, sports beer like Zero+ Pale Ale.

Where do you usually enjoy your alcohol-free craft beers?

Mainly at home, because it’s still hard to find them at venues. More recently I’m seeing some alcohol-free beers pop up in pubs and restaurants around the place, which is fantastic!

Finally, to whom would you recommend making this choice?

Anyone that wants some time back in their lives. Time for yourself and time for your loved ones. 

I’d be a fraud if I’d said to cut out the booze completely, but I recommend giving a few alcohol-free craft beers a try for the times when you feel like a beer but can’t or simply don’t want to.

It’s an easy transition thanks to the amazing brewers creating amazing and tasty alcohol-free craft beer!


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