This month, Craftzero will donate $1 for every order placed to the Children’s Cancer Institute to help raise vital funds to find a cure and safer treatments for childhood cancer. For this Christmas, CCI has created a campaign where you can donate a bauble and make life-changing difference for kids in Australia, for more information about the campaign click here. Every time you purchase any of our non-alcoholic beverages, you will also be donating to a deserving charity that has helped so many Australian children and families, you can't tell me that's not a win-win! Here at Craftzero, we are very passionate about giving back wherever we can and supporting Children Cancer Institute with help from our amazing customers.

Children Cancer Institute Christmas Campaign

The Children’s Cancer Institute has started a campaign this holiday season where people can donate to receive a bauble to add to their virtual Christmas tree. The Children's Cancer Institute is Australia's first independent medical research institute dedicated solely to the treatment of juvenile cancer. Their  research is crucial because cancer takes more children than any other disease. Children's Cancer Institute get the task done with the best minds, cutting-edge facilities, and unwavering commitment. Every week, 20 children in Australia are diagnosed with cancer. That's a school full of kids who are suddenly facing an unimaginable battle of gruelling therapies and unpredictability. It's a factor of 20 too many. The experts at Children Cancer Institute are working hard to identify more effective medicines for these children that have fewer adverse effects and eventually lead to a cure, but they need your help. You can support their critical research by donating a bauble on Giving Tuesday, and every dollar you donate today to the campaign will be tripled. 

Understanding childhood cancer and the stats

A child's cancer is not the same as an adult's cancer, this is a common misconception. The causes of cancer in children vary widely, as do the ways in which they grow and spread, and how they respond to treatment. There is frequently no known cause when a child is diagnosed with cancer, which is very hard for the entire family who are left with unanswered concerns about why their child has cancer and whether they could have done anything to prevent it. Their entire family's lives are turned upside down. Treatment can last for years, be extremely demanding and costly, and place a significant strain on family life. When a child dies, they lose an average of 70 years of potential life. Two-thirds of those who survive will experience serious long-term therapeutic adverse effects, such as organ malfunction, cognition impairments, decreased fertility, and subsequent cancers. To put things into perspective, these are some of the current statistics regarding childhood cancer. Firstly, each year, about 1000 children and adolescents in Australia are diagnosed with cancer. Secondly, in Australia, cancer kills more children than any other disease. Thirdly, in Australia, three children and adolescents die of cancer per week. Two-thirds of kids who survive cancer have long-term consequences.

And finally, thanks to technological advancements, the overall survival rate for children with cancer has improved to nearly 80%, however, there are still lots of improvements and innovation to be made in this area of the medical world which is why your donations to the Children Cancer Institute are so important.

Purchasing for a cause

As you can see from the statistics, cancer in children is more prevalent than ever, however, the good news is that the innovation in medicine to help cure cancer is at an all time high. Your ongoing contribution will have an immediate and long-term impact on Australian children and adolescents facing cancer. This organisation needs our support more than ever right now so we are very excited and proud to get behind them and their amazing work. So just remember, every time you purchase anything from Craftzero, we will be donating to the Children’s Cancer Institute.