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Why is the Popularity Of Non-Alcoholic Drinks Growing?

People used to say that if you weren't drinking alcohol, then you were "not drinking." This used to imply that those opting out of downing beer after beer, had to choose from a limited selection of sweet, fizzy, or fruity drinks or juices, but that is rapidly evolving.

One of the reasons we believe that the popularity of non-alcoholic drink trends translates into one of the most interesting and greatest prospects now developing in the drinks business is the demand for more complicated, more challenging solutions. For a country built on booze, with rum as its first currency, it's surprising to learn that non-alcoholic beverages and wine is now Australia's fastest-growing beverage category.

According to credible online sources the category, which was worth more than $4.5 million last year, is becoming so popular and expanding so quickly, at an annual rate of 800 percent, that its value might be as high as $15 million by the end of 2021. Can you believe that? People all across the world have been increasingly concerned about their health and well-being in recent years. People are eager for new experiences and want to get the most out of whatever they do at the same time. This has piqued people's interest in varied flavours, and they want more options.

We've identified three primary themes that are driving the rise of non-alcoholic drink production and consumption: a growing focus on wellbeing, a shift in attitudes surrounding alcohol, as well as choice and curiosity. Many believe this shift towards a more healthy lifestyle and relationship with alcohol stemmed from the pandemic. Australians are more health-conscious than ever before, according to Scott Burton, marketing director of Australian Vintage Ltd, and are now putting more care into limiting the quantity of wine they consume, probably after overdoing it in lockdown. Three out of ten consumers aged 18 to 34 pick no or low-alcohol wine because they are on a diet, while others do not want to drink and drive, according to research (wisely). Another reason we believe the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages has been booming is a shift in Australian culture in regards to drinking.

From its early days as a British prison colony, Australia has a hard-drinking reputation. Australia, while not at the top of the worldwide alcohol consumption league tables, can be a thirsty nation. Booze is socially acceptable, easy to obtain, and inexpensive. However, public opinion appears to be changing. "There's going to be a massive wave," says Alistair Whiteley, a non-alcoholic, sophisticated alternatives expert. He believes that non-alcoholic beverages must compete "head-to-head" with the offerings of upscale beverage companies. Then they must reproduce the long-standing drinking routine without the presence of that powerful social lubricant that so many tend to rely on.

Thirdly, the growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks has increased due to its new, sophisticated look and feel. A decade ago, when you wanted to go alcohol free for the night, it was blatantly obvious since all you could get as an alternative was juice or a soda, kids drinks! But now, the tables have turned dramatically, now you can hardly tell the difference between an alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic beer only when you read the label. The new aesthetic of alcohol free beverages has greatly increased the popularity of the drinks and has had many people wanting to try these alternatives.

Along with the appearance, many non-alcoholic wines and drinks mimic the original taste of your favourite wine or cocktail, so now you can essentially enjoy your favourite drink, just minus the alcohol. Some brands have even been able to create non-alcoholic spirits such as Gin and Rum which means those of you who love G&T’s are in luck!

And finally, non-alcoholic alternatives are completely and 100% safe around children. You will never have to stress about getting out your wine in front of the kids or even if they accidentally take a small sip! It’s all alcohol free. Additionally, this also means that you can enjoy your beverage of choice anytime during the day, even while watching the kids at 10am in the morning. That is the beauty of non-alcoholic drinks and partly why they have garnered so much attention in the past few years.

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