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How to socialise sober during the Christmas holidays

Practical tips and helpful ideas on how to deal with drinking social situations when you are new to the no-alcohol game.

Summer holidays are full of lunches and dinners, from chilled out barbies at the beach to elegant dress-up events. That can be a stressful prospect if you have freshly committed to an alcohol-free regime. Heck, it can still be a challenge even if you have stopped drinking years ago. But don’t let that hold you back from being your usual social self!

Try new things

Summer is here. All the clubs and activity groups you are a part of want to host a party. That could end up being a lot of drinking…how to handle it? If you can, give your input on what they choose to do and where. Suggest activities that don’t involve drinking alcohol - go paintball shooting, have a family-friendly meet-up, go bowling, etc. You won’t always be able to, but if you can move just a couple, it’s less stress on you.

Bring your own (alcohol-free) drinks

What to do, though, when you are at a backyard BBQ and your mate is passing beers out of the esky? The world of alcohol-free beers can come to the rescue! Bring your own 6 pack of non-alcoholic beer to have a drink in your hand with your mates. Most of them even look like a ‘normal’ beer, take Hawkesbury Prohibition Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale with you and they will be none the wiser. That way, if you don’t want to, you can avoid the “why are you not drinking” conversation altogether.

Have an answer ready

Be ready for the questions. If you are going to a party where there are people you don’t know, it is a good idea to have an elevator pitch ready on why you are not drinking alcohol. That way, if someone asks you, you have your answer ready and won’t be put on the spot. No reason to let that stop you from going, there is a good chance people won’t even notice you are not drinking alcohol.

Choose the place

Dating and alcohol go hand in hand. How are you gonna stand in front of a stranger the whole night without the inhibition and relation brought on by alcohol? Dating is already intimidating; going out on a date when you don’t drink can be downright frightening.

There a few things you can do to lessen the anxiety:

  1. Pick the place. You can either go to a dry venue or to one that has alcohol-free drinks on the menu. That way you can enjoy an elegant glass of Plus & Minus Pinot Grigio with your meal and let your date feel at ease with their drink of choice.
  2. Be upfront about it. Tell them you are not drinking and why. If they can’t respect your choices, are they really going to be right for you?

This summer, don’t let your alcohol-free lifestyle limit your social life. You already have Covid for that. Try new activities, go to dry places, bring your own alcohol-free drinks (bought on Craftzero, of course), be ready, and…rock the party.


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