Imagine: it’s a hot day. We’re talking legs stuck to the seat while your sweat is sweating. Sweltering. Maybe you’re at the beach, or maybe you’re trying to catch a breeze in your backyard or verandah. 

The boys are coming around later, but right now, there’s only one thing missing from the picture: an ice cold cider. You grab a cold one out of the Esky, the cold bottle sending soothing condensation down your hand and refreshment straight to your lips. How good. And if you’re not looking to have a full on bender with your mates, we’ve got the best non-alcoholic ciders to quench that thirst.

The best non-alcoholic ciders

These are our picks for the top 5 non-alcoholic ciders to have this summer. Only made from the best quality apples, all-natural and with no added sugar, they’re safe to drink all summer long, remorse free.

And the best part? They’re completely alcohol free. 

What does it mean? Well, no deadly sun and alcohol drunkenness for a start. No waking up lobster red because you were too hammered to reapply sunscreen or no leaving the kids unsupervised while you get tipsy on the side. 

We’re getting thirsty just thinking about it… 

1. Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Original Cider

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Cider is a genuine artisan cider. Made from a mix of freshly crushed apples (Granny Smiths, Pink Lady and Red Delicious), each batch has a uniqueness that makes you want to reach back for more. 

The taste

Light, refreshing, crisp and classic. If you’re a dyed in the wool cider fan, this is the pick for you. 

Worth noting

With no added sugars and a familiar taste that’s alcohol free, this is a great option for you athletes, health conscious types and early risers. 

What customers are saying

“Love this one! Excellent flavour and a joy to drink. Love that I can have a few, be part of the crowd and not feel awful afterwards. Delicious!”

“This not too sweet cider is wonderful to drink at the end of the day. The best I have tried! I highly recommend this for cider lovers.”

2. Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Apple and Ginger Cider

If you like your cider with a little zest, this zingy apple cider – non-alcoholic of course – is the go. With a complex array of flavours, think of this as the sophisticated older gentleman to Bilpin Cider Co’s classic young apple cider. 

The taste

Similar to the Bilpin non-alcoholic apple cider, expect a fine balance of Granny Smiths, Red Delicious and Pink Ladies, with an extra kick from peppery ginger. 

Worth noting

Like the other Bilpin ciders, this has no added sugar and zero alcohol. A real zero to hero cider.

What customers are saying

“This is my new favourite drink. The freshness of the apples along with the sharpness of the ginger is music to my mouth.”

“This is just the right blend of sweet and tangy. I’ll definitely be ordering more.”

3. Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Apple and Lemon Cider

On the very hottest of days, sometimes you need an extra edge of refreshment. Enter 

Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Apple and Lemon Cider. The citrussy twist makes this all the more thirst quenching while still remaining within the cider family. Made using freshly crushed Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples, the addition of lemon delivers a slight tartness that balances out the general sweetness. Of course, there’s no added sugar in this either. 

The taste

Sparkling, crisp and fresh with a tart twist, it’s the perfect summer thirst-quenching non-alcoholic cider for Australia and our unforgiving summers.

Fun fact

Bilpin makes all of its cider from freshly picked apples in the Blue Mountains, meaning no two batches are exactly alike. It’s a unique blend in every bottle of their non-alcoholic cider.

What customers are saying

“I normally find AF ciders too sweet but the addition of lemon to this one really gives it a zing and cuts through the sweetness.”

“This was my favourite of all the ciders we sampled at Bilpin, so refreshing! And I’m so happy I can drop into your physical store to stock up now!”

4. Apple Thief Pink Lady Cider

This Apple Thief non-alcoholic cider gets its delightful Pink Lady flavour from freshly crushed Batlow apples, a local variety grown in NSW. The Apple Thief cidery, based in the Snowy Mountains, saw their cider making potential right away. 

The taste

Simple ingredients make for a refreshing, medium sweetness cider. With no artificial flavours or concentrates and a vegan, gluten free formula, there’s no doubt this non-alcoholic cider is a team player. 

Worth noting

Made with nothing but pure water and an “eating” apple, this is a treat you can dip your hands in without fear of being caught. Like they say at the Apple Thief, definitely ”worth stealing a taste of!”

What customers are saying

“This is the best non-alcoholic cider I've tasted. Most ciders are too sweet or taste like juice…not this one! It's kind of cloudy and very drinkable. After trying it I bought a case.”

“Delicious. This is really good. I’m a big cider fan and this non-alcoholic variety is up there. Sour and sweet all at once. I found my designated driver beverage!”

5. Zeffer 0% Crisp Apple Cider

The Kiwis crack our list of the best non-alcoholic ciders with this cheeky number from Zeffer Cider. All the goodness comes from Hawkes Bay apples, for maximum thirst quenching capabilities.

The taste

Off-dry, lightly sparkling and full of classic cider flavours. There’s a beautiful simplicity here we have to admire.

Worth noting

We hate to hand it to them, but the New Zealanders have done it again with this extremely sessionable non-alcoholic apple cider. Also, it comes in a can. If that stuff matters to you.

What customers are saying

“Refreshing, tasty apple cider. Good when you feel like a fizzy drink. It is low in sugar as well which is a plus.”

Let the taste tests commence

We’d never declare ourselves to be arbiters of good taste, so let us know in the comments: what do you reckon is the best non-alcoholic cider out there? We await the passionate debate.

Make sure you check out the full selection of tasty non-alcoholic ciders in our online store, and drop a review when you’ve found your forever non-alcoholic cider bevvy.
Irene Falcone
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