Jefferey Morgan is a health and well-being consultant, nutritious and mentor. From rough beginnings Jeffery Morgan has built a lifestyle program to help others create sustainable, realistic, enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle which intends on helping people change their habits. In changing his own habits, he has also started to drink alcohol-free beers, which has added a balance to his lifestyle and can add balance to your life as well!

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Give  us some background on yourself

I grew up in Eveleigh St, Redfern (Notorious for the wrong reasons) making bad choices and turned my life around now helping national framework for programs,  health & wellbeing programs, schools programs and also justice habits & rituals workshops. 

The LIFESTYLE PROGRAM now works with NSW/ACT health and brands like the NRL, SBS, NITV, Tennis Australia, NSW Netball, NSW rugby league.

Both parents passed from cancer,  brother and sister from suicide and another brother from preventable health issues

Why  have you decided to move to alcohol-free beers?

Set an example for the Aboriginal community to help change and save lives,  no brainer!

What  were the benefits you gained from lowering your alcohol intake?

Less calories means less health issues and I want to still enjoy myself but live longer, great way to transition.

Do  you still drink alcohol sometimes?

 Occasionally like when I win a Grand Final.

How  have people reacted when you decided to drink alcohol-free beer?

They always ask,  what's that mean hahaha

Do  you have a partner in sobriety? Who?

Yes,  Saleemah.

What  is your favourite alcohol-free craft beer? 

Sobah, just what they stand for and the taste is on point.

Where  do you usually enjoy your alcohol-free craft beers?

No place like home.

Finally,  to whom would you recommend making this choice?

All people wanting to enjoy a beer but without the calories that had to your waist or those trying to prevent or reduce health issues,  great way to find a balance you can sustain!

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