You may have noticed that non-alcoholic beers have been flooding the shelves of bottle shops in recent years. While you may wonder, "What's the point?" alcohol-free beer has pushed its way into the Australian market with force. In a country where alcohol is a huge focal point of our culture, this was no small effort.

Australians , for the most part, are still pretty stuck in their ways when it comes to beer. It's mostly full-strength (4-5% ABV) and served ice cold. However, with statistics showing that one in eight Australians abstain from drinking alcohol entirely, there has been an influx of low or no-alcohol beers available. They're marketed as 'social beers' that non-drinkers or drinkers who are driving can consume. They're also marketed to those who abstain for health and religious reasons, but they're also just really popular with everyone else , too.  And from the looks of things, they're only going to get more popular.

So, what's all the hype around alcohol-free beer and what are the best non alcoholic beers on the market? Let's take a look at the top 12 non alcoholic beers to drink this summer (we have carefully chosen the best 12 non-alcoholic beers for you to try based on sales, reviews, price point and supply consistency! Keep an eye on our selection as we continually update with new options).

1.Mash Gang Chug XPA

Introducing Mash Gang's: Chug XPA. It's has tropical aromas of mango and passionfruit, with medium bitterness with a full, fluffy body. It's summer in a can, full of delicious flavor with no booze. So sit back and enjoy the ride while sipping on this smooth non-alcoholic XPA that has a little on the ABV but big on taste.

2.Nort Refreshing Ale  

NORT, which is a new up-and-coming beer brand that only exclusively sells alcohol-free beers. Awesome right? The Refreshing Ale, Pacific Ale, Tropical XPA, and All Day IPA are four alcohol-free beers they sell that are currently available in Australia. The most notable is the Refreshing Ale, a full-bodied non-alcoholic beer with a fruity scent and crisp, clean finish. If you love a high quality Pale Ale in the summertime, Nort Pale Ale is completely alcohol free but still embodies that full flavour.

3.Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale 

Bright and zesty, Big Drop Pale Ale delivers on taste and aroma with the alcohol removed. The alcohol free beer has a light and limey citrus bite, balanced bitterness and dry aftertaste. Big Drop Pine Trail delivers on all levels with delightful rosy floral aromas. A winner at the World Beer Awards, this ultra-low alcohol pale ale is worth a second look. This non alcoholic beer is also only 64 calories per serve and is handcrafted here in Australia. You can’t get much better than that. 

4.Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

The best seller Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is a non-alcoholic XPA that's based on a modern craft style. It’s luscious flavours of passionfruit and grapefruit burst with flavour, and it finishes smooth and dry with a gentle bitterness. A highly drinkable 0.5% ABV makes this beer perfect for those looking to avoid the significant calorie associated with alcohol content in standard beers without having to sacrifice those craft beer feelings or party with friends who do drink alcohol.

5.Big Shed Desi Driver Pale Ale

Big Shed's Desi Driver Pale Ale is the perfect drink for anyone looking for a high quality, alcohol free pale ale. Blended with a variety of delicious hops and malts, this pale ale has a crisp, refreshing finish that you'll love. This non alcoholic beer delivers a delicious citrus flavor with a crisp finish.  So if you're looking to cut back on your alcohol intake, or just enjoy a delicious, refreshing pale ale without getting drunk, Desi Driver is perfect for you.

6.Mornington Free Pale Ale

The perfect refresher for any occasion, Mornington Free Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale has a beautiful, deep golden colour and aromas of lemongrass and lime zest, this non alcoholic beer is great with Thai food or can be enjoyed on its own. The mouth feel is light and refreshing, while also having a subtle malt backbone that holds it all together. This pale ale is 0.5% ABV and has 97 calories per serve, making it the ideal low calorie non-alcoholic alternative to standard beers.

7.Upflow New World IPA

The UpFlow New World IPA is wonderfully balanced, brewed with only malt and a variety of new world hops such as mosaic, citra, and amarillo. What's even better? Nothing else is added or taken away, giving it the unmistakable full-flavour you'd expect from a full-fledged beer, but without the alcohol! This artisan non alcoholic beer, made with ridgy didge Aussie spirit, will put you over the moon with flavour rather than under the table.

8.Athletic Brew Co. Run Wild IPA

The award-winning Athletic Brewery Run Wild IPA is a must-try for craft beer fans. The outcome is piney, citrusy, and well balanced, thanks to Organic Vienna malt and a mixture of five Northwest hop varieties. This easy IPA is incredibly non-alcoholic and meant to be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.  This non alcoholic beer is not a replacement for booze. It’s an alternative for those that want a better choice.

9.Hawkesbury Prohibition Pale Ale Can

Hawkesbury Prohibition Pale Ale uses a unique fermentation process and incorporates Citra and Galaxy hops in the brew to reduce the alcohol level without sacrificing taste. The result is a well balanced pale ale with hints of passion fruit, grapefruit and pine resin. You can take it anywhere.  There are only 96 calories per serve and 0.5% ABV, which makes it the perfect drink for a day at the beach or a weekend of camping.

10.Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner

Next up on our list of the best non-alcoholic beers is this delicious alcohol-free Pilsner. This booze-free Australian beer is also high in antioxidants and Vitamins A and C, due to the hero fruit, Lemon aspen, which grows naturally throughout the far north Queensland. It's a delicious, refreshing beverage based on a Czech pale ale that not only soothes your liver but also floods your entire body with flavour. If you have been looking for an alcohol free alternative with a bit of a twist, this Pilsner will not disappoint. 

11.Upflow Stout

Upflow has done it once again by carefully crafting this crisp and refreshing, completely alcohol-free stout! Nothing makes you feel more confident and bold than an Upflow Stout. The intense roasting of the malt brings out the powerful flavours of bittersweet chocolate and espresso undertones. For a delectable feast, serve with a Sunday roast, salty oysters, and decadent desserts. Take our word for it, or take a look at a case for yourself.

12.Heineken Zero Lager

Heineken non-alcoholic beer is an alcohol-free premium beer carefully crafted from natural components. Heineken's unique 0.0 recipe, like the original Heineken lager beer, is brewed with pure malt and proprietary A-Yeast. Heineken 0.0 is a natural, pure malt alcohol free beer with a premium flavour. We all love a cold Heineken after a long day under the sun, so why not try out this zero alcohol version which still holds the same great taste just minus the booze! 

There you have it. Some of our personal favourite non-alcoholic beers here at Craftzero. If you are searching for something a little healthier this new year but still want that same great beer taste you have come to know and love, these non alcoholic beers will surely not disappoint. Here at Craftzero we have a wide range of alcohol-free beers, along with wines, spirits, and RTD's. You name it, we've got it! If you have no idea where to start your alcohol-free journey, we highly recommend trying out one of our beer bundles which includes a bit of everything, or simply let us know what you enjoy and we will give you our expert suggestions.

Marc Naggar