Whether you're looking for a night or two without negronis, a month to cleanse your system after a season of holiday celebrating, or aiming for a lifetime off the alcohol. it's never been easier, or more fashionable, to go dry, thanks to a rapidly expanding selection of non-alcoholic spirits, beer, wine, and pre-made mocktails. Drinking is widely regarded as a social pastime, a stress reliever, and even a potential treatment for insomnia and anxiety. However, drinking rarely helps to alleviate these problems in the long run. It does, however, have some substantial drawbacks. Even modest drinking can make you feel drowsy, foggy, or hungover. The more you drink, the more likely you are to experience other negative health impacts. So, the big question remains, what are alternatives to alcohol on a night out that are classy yet delicious! Well, here’s a few. 

Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild

The best alternative to drinking alcohol is non-alcoholic beer. Non-alcoholic beers are a staple for anyone who is sober-curious and seeking ways to stay booze-free at a party without feeling left out. In the World Beer Awards, Run Wild took home the gold medal for 2020 and the title of Best Non-Alcoholic Beer in the United States. This brew's flavour, which is a blend of five types of hops and produces a balance of bitterness and maltiness, will please any IPA lover. It's a perfect substitute for the real thing when you're watching the game or at a virtual gathering, with only 70 calories and less than.5% ABV.

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Seedlip is a terrific addition to any sober bar cart, and it's one of the most popular mocktail ingredients in restaurants, since the spirits provide the botanical nuances that booze lacks. It's manufactured in the same way that gin is, by blending herbs and other botanicals with alcohol and distilling them. Seedlip, on the other hand, removes the alcohol before bottling. In addition, the formula is sugar-free. We admired Seedlip's commitment to sustainable packaging and net-zero emissions by 2022, in addition to their gorgeous and unique naturalist branding.

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Heaps Normal XPA

Another great non-alcoholic beer that tastes exactly like the real deal is Heaps Normal XPA. The best-selling item Normal Quiet XPA by Heaps is a non-alcoholic XPA with a modern craft flair. It has juicy passion fruit and grapefruit flavours that pop from the glass, and it finishes smooth and dry with a light bitterness. With a highly drinking 0.5 percent ABV, this beer is ideal for individuals who want to avoid the excessive calories associated with regular beers without sacrificing the craft beer experience or having to party with friends who do consume alcohol.

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The Lyre's range consists of high-quality, one-to-one spirit substitutes that demonstrate that flattery is sincere. Unlike them, the Australian startup, which was founded in 2019 and named after a local bird noted for imitating everything from vehicle engines to humans, didn't stop at three facial expressions. No, the Australians have a 12-type portfolio in the United States. Low-calorie absinthe, coffee liqueur, orange sec, and a variety of rum-like choices are all included. The brand has put together several handy kits that include everything you'll need to prepare classic cocktails like Manhattans and espresso martinis. There are no artificial sweeteners in this recipe, either.

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Benefits and Drawbacks

There are various obvious benefits that come with switching to non-alcoholic alternatives and cutting back on the booze, and there are actually very few drawbacks. Firstly, what many may be unaware of is that alcohol is very dehydrating. Beers with a 2% alcohol content might cause dehydration. This is due to the fact that alcohol is a "diuretic." This indicates that your body will strive to drain out excess fluids. When you consume full-strength beer and other alcoholic beverages, you'll notice that you're going to the bathroom more frequently and dehydrating at an alarming rate. Non-alcoholic beer, on the other hand, can help you rehydrate after a workout. Brands like Erdinger, Upflow, and Zero+ Pale Ale all have hypotonic qualities that can help you rehydrate after a workout. Secondly, it tastes good! You get all the flavours and smoothness of our favourite drink without any of the alcohol effects when you have a non-alcoholic version. This means you can have a crisp, hoppy beer or an IPA whenever you want. Finally, the alcohol concentration accounts for the majority of the calories in alcoholic drinks. We all know that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health (or mind). Reducing your alcohol consumption is an excellent first step on your path to better health and losing weight if that is your ultimate goal. In addition, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid are naturally present in several non-alcoholic beers. Vitamin B12 is present in animal-based foods such as poultry, eggs, dairy, and meats and plays a crucial part in our overall health. As you can see, the benefits are endless, we would be here all day discussing them. In terms of drawbacks, 

Where to find great alcohol-free alternatives?

If you have been searching for high quality, but most importantly, delicious alcohol-free alternatives, then you are in for a treat. 2022 is set to be the year of non-alcoholic beverages, with the trend just set to increase drastically. If you have not yet tried it, then you will definitely understand the hype once you get your hands on some of the most popular drinks on the market. Find all the best brands and alcohol-free beverages on our website, Craftzero

March 15, 2022 — Marc Naggar

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