Every woman has wondered about alcohol at a baby shower. If she is the host, whether it’s appropriate to serve it, if she is a guest, whether it will be served. There is no right answer to the question of alcoholic drinks at a baby shower. Some people will jump on their high horses and be completely horrified at the mention of serving alcohol at a baby shower. Others will be affronted if you call it a party and you only have juices and soft drinks. 

“Can I get you something to drink?” can be the downfall of a carefully planned baby shower! The one solution that will satisfy everyone is serving non-alcoholic drinks and spirits.

Alcohol free drinks: the perfect solution for the host

What drinks to have at a baby shower is a tricky choice to make. Most hosts shy away from serving alcohol altogether with the mentality of “if mom can’t have it, then why serve it”. If you serve alcohol-free drinks, everyone can drink with mum. Nothing starts off a party quite like a glass of champagne. Serve Thomson and Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine, a 100% organic and alcohol free champagne that everyone can enjoy.

Want to be the perfect, thoughtful, sophisticated host? Try this recipe for a champagne pink punch that will leave all the guests wanting more:


If you are serving food, pair it with Blue Nun Vegan White Wine, a 0.0% alcohol free white wine with robust, well-rounded flavours.

Alcohol free drinks: the perfect solution for the mum to be

The mum to be hasn’t been allowed to touch a drop of alcohol for 7-8 months by the time the baby shower comes around. They have probably been the designated driver for months and felt left out and bored.

Think of mum to be when you buy a gift for the party. Surprise her with a bottle of alcohol-free wine, Craftzero range is massive. If you can’t choose, read our recommendation on the best alcohol-free rosé wines to have this Sober October 2020 for the perfect baby shower gift idea.

Alcohol free drinks: the perfect solution for the guests

Deciding not to serve alcohol at a baby shower doesn’t have to make it boring. There are plenty of options to substitute alcoholic drinks with alcohol free beverages and let everyone enjoy the party without being left out. Of course, you have the classic juices, tonics and soft drinks but what’s the fun in that? Nowadays there are amazing and tasty alcohol free spirits to make any cocktail you want for the baby shower.

Don’t believe us? Try this zesty ALTD Aussie Mule cocktail:

Alcohol free drinks really are the best solutions for a baby shower. The host can make everyone happy, the mum to be can fill her mouth with the taste of a long lost drink, and the guests can have the full partying experience. You could even play baby shower alcohol drinking games with the mum to be, as long as you use zero alcohol substitutes.


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Disclaimer: The products mentioned have 0.0% ABV. A drink can be marketed as alcohol-free when the alcohol level is less than 0.5% ABV. Please read labels carefully and, if in doubt, abstain from drinking. There are currently no studies directly evaluating the safety of non-alcoholic beverages in pregnancy.