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5 of the Best Low-Calorie Non-Alcoholic Drinks on the Market Today

Did you know that a standard cocktail has almost 800 calories and 55g of sugar? Even the healthy-looking Bloody Mary, with its celery stick poking out, has 200 to 400 calories. Alcohol-free drinks have amazing health benefits, including some of the lowest calorie count, so that you can enjoy a drink without compromising your diet! Craftzero makes it easier for you to know which are the healthiest non-alcoholic drinks by adding a LOW IN CALORIES tab to those products. There is something for everyone, check out our top 5 recommendations for low-calorie non-alcoholic drinks:

1. Sea Arch Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit 700 mL (0 kcal per 100mL)

A great alternative for gin lovers, Sea Arch’s spirit has the same feel of gin but none of the alcohol. It is also completely calorie-free, sugar-free and sweetener-free, making it one of the healthiest gins out there. This non-alcoholic distilled spirit is skilfully made using traditional distillation techniques, a copper pot and steam! The first sip gives a clean crisp taste with aromatic juniper and bitter grapefruit flavours, followed by sweet blood orange and coriander undertones. The complex palate is finished with the warmth of cardamon and the freshness from wild seaside herbs of sugar kelp and samphire.

Enjoy it on the rocks or try it in a delicious non-alcoholic G&T by mixing it with StrangeLove Light Tonic (13 kcal per 100mL). A super-dry tonic made without any processed sugar or artificial sweeteners, so leaving you without a cloying mouth feel or any excess weight.

 2. Ara Zero Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 750mL (8.5 kcal per 100mL)

Like a true Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, this Ara Zero non-alcoholic wine has expressive aromas of blackcurrant with a hint of freshly cut herbs and mouth-watering tropical fruit notes. Sporting a medium body and fine texture, it finishes crisp and dry. All of the pleasure, none of the guilt!

3. Silhouet' Chardonnay (Light) 750mL (1 kcal per 100mL)

For the ladies out there this is a must-buy wine. According to Pierre Chavin, this % ABV wine has been developed with 3 words in mind: wellness, health and diet. This non-alcoholic Chardonnay is done with natural aromas thus reducing the calorie content to just 1.25 per serve, nothing!  A classic French Chardonnay with delectable notes of tropical fruits, peaches, lychees and white flowers and a fruity and balanced palate. Being ultra low-cal but still delicious, it is the perfect choice for those that don’t want a moment on the lips to be a lifetime on the hips.

4. Hop Valley H2O Sparkling Hop Water 330mL (0 kcal per 100mL)

A hop-infused sparkling water with zero alcohol and zero sugar. It’s a new direction for non-alcoholic drinks. Instead of taking the alcohol out of the beer, Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. made a water taste like beer. Hops are what make beer taste like beer. They also have proven health benefits, from killing cancer cells and blocking leukemia cells to reinforcing bones. So why not enjoy a crisp, refreshing and perfectly hoppy sparkling water with zero calories completely guilt-free?

5. Nirvana Classic IPA 330mL (10 kcal per 100mL)

A crowd-pleaser to crack open on a hot summer’s day. Its light amber body boasts citrus aromas, hoppy notes of pine and spice. What’s more, Nirvana has made this punchy non-alcoholic hoppy IPA beer with only 33 calories!


When we started Craftzero we had healthy living in mind, just as you do. That’s why we wanted to cover 5 of the best low-calorie non-alcoholic drinks you can find on our website. Check out our full range of low sugar beverages knowing that now you can grab the next drink truly guilt-free.


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Alcohol free wines are on the rise and at Craftzero we are pretty sure we know why! Want to know, read here


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