I find it so weird how you get judged for not drinking alcohol. I can bet you a million dollars at least one person will ask you why you are not drinking, possibly even give you stick about it. Yet everybody knows that drinking is bad for you! There’s no doubt about it.

Be unapologetic about your wellbeing.

The next time someone asks you “what’s the point of drinking non-alcoholic wine?” use any of these 20 reasons to explain why it is the best decision you could have ever made in your life.

The 20 best benefits of non-alcoholic drinks:

    1. It’s healthy 

      Alcohol isn’t. Alcohol intoxicates you and increases the risk of injury and accidents. Over time, it will affect your mental health and increase the chances you develop cancer. It can also make you impotent and damage your brain, heart and liver. Instead, drinking non-alcoholic beer can reduce your risk of heart diseases and of catching illnesses like the common cold. It’s also chock-full of vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, potassium, iron and zinc.

    2. You can enjoy a non-alcoholic drink whenever you feel like it 

      At the beach? At the park? Behind the wheel? All places you can legally and safely enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail.

    3. It’s perfect if you are into sports 

      When you are serious about your training, drinking alcohol is a problem, as it is so unhealthy. But what do you do if you are invited for dinner or have guests over? Go alcohol-free and you can still enjoy having a drink. Heck, you could even have a non-alcoholic beer one after a workout!

    4.  Can’t drink for religious reasons? 

      Many non-alcoholic drinks’ producers make sure to have a few of their products completely alcohol-free. These non-alcoholic drinks are halal and the producers often get official certifications too. 

    5.  It doesn’t make you fat

      True, non-alcoholic wines and beers often have a higher sugar level than alcoholic ones. But they contain significantly fewer calories. Alcoholic beverages are extremely high in calories, which can lead to weight gain. Alcohol also prevents you from burning fat, which is stored primarily around the abdomen.

    6.  Health problems aren’t a limitation any more

      It is easier to find non-alcoholic wines that have zero sugar. They are made with stevia, for those who are sensitive to sugar such as diabetics.

    7.  It doesn’t matter what your dietary restrictions are

      Vegetarians and Vegans have plenty of vegan non-alcoholic drink options. Animal ingredients are often used in alcoholic products. Either directly, or in the processing and filtration. Alcohol-free drinks achieve and display vegetarian and vegan qualifications more often.

    8.  You always know what’s in it

      A Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) is not required on alcoholic beverages, containing more than 1.15% ABV, in Australia. Instead, it is compulsory on all non-alcoholic beverages.

    9.  It is appropriate for work

      There is nothing worse than a drunk colleague embarrassing himself at the company’s Christmas party. And it’s not like they can only serve soft drinks and make it feel like an 8-year-old’s birthday party. Non-alcoholic wines keep the party look going and save everyone from embarrassing drunken moments.

    10.  Non-alcoholic beer for the kids' parties

      Say you are going to an 8-year-old’s birthday party after all. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a refreshing beer without getting intoxicated at all? With a non-alcoholic beer, you still get the taste but set the right example for the kids.

    11.  Non-alcoholic wines for the old friends’ parties

      Non-alcoholic beverages are your best friend if you are going to an 88-year-old’s birthday party too. Once you reach a certain age, drinking alcohol becomes a medical concern. With non-alcoholic wines, you can continue to share a glass of red with your friends. Enjoy the conviviality without the negative effects of alcohol. Added bonus: You have made your worried daughter happy by taking your health seriously.

    12.  It’s a tastier, fresher, more fun, option

      Tea and coffee only go so far. Especially on a summer day or a special celebration.

    13.  Don’t miss out anymore while pregnant with zero alcohol drinks 

      Alcohol is a definite no-no when pregnant. Even a small amount can block the development of a baby’s brain. 9 months of pregnancy plus the months of breastfeeding is a long time to go without tasting any drinks. Completely alcohol-free drinks are a great alternative for when you crave a sip of wine but really can’t have it.

    14. Tastes like alcohol, but it isn’t

      If you have problems controlling your alcohol intake, you might have had to give drinking up for good. Choosing non-alcoholic drinks can help you in two ways:
      - It can help you cut down your drinking. When drinking alcohol-free, your body produces dopamine, the same chemical that makes you feel good when you drink alcohol. That is because it associates the flavour and smell with the alcoholic version.
      - You can alternate between an alcoholic drink and a non-alcoholic one, effectively reducing the amount of alcohol you consume.

    15.  You can’t get drunk on non-alcoholic drinks

      It’s scientifically tested, your body processes the tiny amount of alcohol sometimes found in non-alcoholic drinks as quickly as you consume it.

    16.  It is (sometimes) cheaper. 

      It (always) saves you from expensive munchies’ trips.

    17.  It lets you blend in

      Drinking non-alcoholic beer or wine can help you “fit in” in any situation. No more people asking annoying questions such as “why are you not drinking?”, “how long are you gonna last?”, and, if you are a woman, “are you pregnant?”.

    18.  It’s natural

      Most alcohol-free beers are made using the same four natural ingredients brewers have used for millennia: water, yeast, malt and hops. This means most alcohol-free beers are natural products, unlike the many alcohol-free alternatives that contain additives, artificial sweeteners and who-knows-what.

    19.  For safer cooking

      Restaurant chefs and parents choose to use it just in case any alcohol survives the cooking. Foolproof for making beer batter, wine sauce, stew, etc.

    20.  Variety is the soul of pleasure

      We don’t always eat the same food, why should we always drink the same drinks? Non-alcoholic drinks are a better alternative to drinking sugary soft drinks instead of alcohol. It’s like having a decaf coffee.


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