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Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Hands down the best alcohol free beer on the market. I’ve been drinking alcohol free beers for 3 or 4 years and this easily takes the cake. Hoping to see this in all the locals and it seems to be getting stocked in more and more places so can’t wait to have the option when out and not wanting to have a big night.

Paul B.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

I ordered the Heaps Normal XPA from Craft Zero. Great alcohol free beer and great service. Thanks

Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Heaps of flavour and quality

I decided to go booze-free as a gesture of solidarity with my pregnant wife and started trying all of the non-alcoholic beers that are available. Heaps Normal is the best I have tasted - in fact it has so much flavour and is so indistinguishable from an alcoholic beer, I will likely continue to drink this in preference to alcoholic beers.