Katie Delimon is a mindful drinker, a yoga instructor and an advocate for healthy living. As she says herself "When we take radical responsibility for our lives and our choices, we are ready to experience all of life, accept what it brings and learn from our journey." So take a page out of her journey as she shares her relationship with alcohol (or lack of).

Give us some background on yourself (interests, age, profession, etc)

I'm Katie, I"m 34 years young and I am a  Yoga and Meditation teacher based in Brisbane, Australia. I am super passionate about everything wellness or anything that optimizes health in general - body, mind and spirit.

Why have you decided to move to non-alcoholic drinks?

I really changed my habit of consistent heavy drinking seven years ago when I decided to leave New York City, the drinking capital of the world but last year while  I was on a 10 day silent meditation retreat, I came back home and my husband proclaimed he was doing 1 year of  NO beer so I decided to join him. We still enjoy a full strength cocktail or glass of wine from time to time  but we started buying 0% alcohol beers and spirits to drink and make cocktails with as an alternative. 

What were the benefits you gained from lowering or stopping your alcohol intake?

We both have experienced way more energy and for me way less anxiety.

How have people reacted when you decided to drink non-alcoholic beverages?

Nobody responded differently to me because I wasn't drinking much already but I think my husband's mates have definitely been surprised he's been able to keep his goal - he only has 6 weeks left to finish off the year. He will be 1 year no beer.

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Unfortunately I haven't tried many non-alcoholic brands because I didn't know about craft zero until a few weeks ago ago! We only bought whatever we could find at the local bottle shop. And so far our favorite 0% beers have been the Nort range and I love making yummy mocktails with Seedlips.

Where do you usually enjoy your non-alcoholic drinks? i.e social events, home, after exercise.

We enjoy our 0% alcohol at home but we also bring them to events, picnics, bbq's, parties, etc.

Finally, to whom would you recommend making this choice?

I would recommend cutting out alcohol as much as you can to Anybody and everybody - who doesn't want more health, clarity and a few more bucks in your pocket :) Trying non-alcoholic beers can help with cutting down the amount of alcohol that you take.


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