Movember’s cause/what they do

The health of men is in jeopardy. Men die 5 years earlier on average than women, and for entirely preventable reasons. A growing number of men, over 10.8 million worldwide,are living with prostate cancer. Testicular cancer is the most frequent malignancy in young men around the world. And one guy dies by suicide every minute of every day in the world, with men accounting for 75% of all suicides. Movember is in a unique position to address this global crisis. Movember supports ground-breaking programmes around the world, bringing men together to learn what works best and accelerate change.  They're accomplishing what no one else can,  bringing together specialists from all around the world to work on projects that will transform the way men in need are treated and supported. Movember specifically prioritise financing for the three main health challenges confronting men: mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer, to guarantee their impact is significant, far-reaching, and long-lasting. As you can see, they feel very strongly about helping spread awareness and raising funds in order to help those in need. Men’s mental health is a relatively taboo conversation, even in 2021, but Movember is helping change that narrative and start a conversation.  

How they have helped thousands of men 

Movember has had to act quickly in order to address the pandemic's various problems. Many of their fundraising activities were hampered by social distancing regulations, but the need for early intervention and preventative initiatives to help those affected by the pandemic lockdowns grew. The Movember community's dedication, like always, is critical to their success. Despite the numerous obstacles, Movember supporters raised more than $135 million worldwide in 2020. Isn't that insane? They have the ability to raise large sums of money that can make a huge difference. In 2020, over $394,000 people grew out their Mo’s in honour of those men suffering from mental health issues, prostate cancer, and testicular cander, the three most serious illnesses impacting men globally. Every year, Movember is able to raise more and more funds to help those in need and spread further awareness. This is truly an amazing organisation making real change. 

How you can support/participate in Movember

Men are experiencing a health crisis that is not nearly being discussed as much as it should be. They are dying at very early ages, much earlier than expected of the average male. An  issue of this magnitude necessitates the use of large minds and big solutions. However, there is a more modest and hairier solution to the men's health dilemma. One way to help raise money for Movember that you can do simply from your home is to grow a Mo to raise money and awareness for men's health. All you need to do is grow and keep your moustache for the entirety of November and also sign up on their website so you can collect and donate any funds you receive for participating in Movember. 

Donations from Craftzero purchases 

Everyone has had a difficult year in 2021. We all thought things couldn't get any worse than 2020, but things didn't get any better in 2021. It was a particularly difficult year for those who were most vulnerable. More than ever, charities like Movember require our support to continue doing the good job that they do. So, in November, why not grow a Mo in support of this fantastic charity? Movember is a fantastic charity that addresses difficulties that we all face. This month, we're glad to donate $1 for every order placed.