We’ll donate $1 on every order made at craftzero to Reachout.com during the month of October. Including all orders on our ranges of non-alcoholic beer, dealcoholised wine and alcohol-free spirits.


Reachout.com is an organisation close to our hearts. Set up 20 years ago in response to the increasing rates of suicide amongst young people. It is now Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. Available for free anytime, and anywhere reachout.com is accessed by 1.5 million Australians every year, a number which they expect to grow by another million this year, as fewer than 30% of young people in distress currently receive the help they need.  

Why wait until a young person is in crisis?

Reachout.com offers advice through articles and online forums that are supportive and safe. They speak to young people in a friendly, non-judgemental tone. There is no preaching or teaching just big brother style advice. Topics include bullying, coping with covid-19, gender issues, feelings of loneliness and anxiety. They offer tips on how to minimise risks associated with taking alcohol and drugs, and how to cope with the feelings of depression and anxiety that can result from alcohol and drug abuse. They also offer choices and ideas on how to not drink when everyone else around you is, or how to just drink a little and not get drunk. 

Their research has shown that 50% of young people turn to the internet for help when they’re having a tough time. By being available online anytime and anywhere they offer help to young people when and where they need it. They deal with real life topics with courage, compassion, generosity and a sense of fun.

Making a difference

Reachout.com works with government and policy makers to ensure that the mental health system meets young people’s needs in ways that work for them. They have been able to influence mental health policy in Australia and publish research documents every year. 

2020 difficulties

This has been an exceptionally difficult year for people all over Australia and equally tough on the organisations that support people behind the scenes. Our charities are stretched tighter than ever and having to work harder to help more and more people who are looking for help.

Let’s take action

Reachout.com offers tools and tips to help young people navigate the everyday and the tough times. That’s something we can get behind. We’re incredibly proud to help this organisation. We’ll happily donate $1 for every order for the month of October.

Please visit www.reachout.com for more information.