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This month, on every order made at Craftzero, we’ll donate $1 to the Black Dog Institute. Yep, everytime you check out our non-alcoholic beer or alcohol-free wine, you’re also going to be giving to a hard-working, incredible charity, or rather we will – on your behalf. Win, win!

Helping out Aussies

In Australia around 5 million people every year will experience symptoms of mental illness. That’s a lot of Aussies having a hard time of it. And the worst part, is that around 60% of us won’t ask for help. The Black Dog Institute want to create a mentally healthier world for all of us. They’re the only medical research institute in Australia to investigate mental health across our lifespan, so, from the cradle to the grave!  

Creating change that matters

Research into mental health, early detection of disorders and suicide prevention is at the heart of The Black Dog Institute. They have teams of researchers and investigators who want to create a real difference, that really matters. They work with governments, schools and businesses to make evidence informed change. These people have a real passion to create mentally healthier lives through innovations in science, education, technology and public policy.

Since 1985, when they first started up, The Black Dog Institute always aims to stay ahead and to make sure that clinical best practice is improved. They support research all over the world and lots of their initiatives are already creating impact. For example, the Centre of Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention is working at reducing suicide in Australia by looking at how digital can play a role in aiding suicide prevention, getting better at creating safety nets for people at risk and knowing when to intervene at the right time and the right place. 

Offering pandemic assistance

They provide training, workshops, toolkits, all kinds of clinical resources that our communities need. And they also support health care workers, who are, particularly at the moment during the Covid crisis, feeling under pressure. They offer counselling, advice and mental health check-ups. 

As Covid hit in 2020 they started a webinar series for people feeling anxious or stressed, to teach skills and offer support. They also launched a mental health toolkit for the workplace last year, to help spot people that may be struggling. 

We’re happy to give back

Black Dog Institute is an independent, not-for-profit medical research institute, and they need funding. They run lots of fund-raising events during the year, but for obvious reasons most of those were cancelled in 2020. They need our support more than ever, to keep doing their incredible work, so we are proud to get behind them. So, every time you load up your shopping basket at Craftzero and check out, we’ll donate $1. So, let’s get shopping. 

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