Suicide is Everyone’s Business

Did you know suicide rates in the construction industry are 80% higher than the general working age population? It’s a sobering fact. Every year 190 Australians working in the construction industry take their own lives; this means we lose a construction worker every second day to suicide.

What is Dry Spell for MATES?

Dry Spell for MATES started as two mates (and self-confessed ‘piss wrecks’) in the construction industry wanting to make a difference. As a duo, they embarked on a 100-day alcohol-free challenge to raise awareness of and funds for MATES in Construction WA (MATES). Now in its 3rd year, the Dry Spell event boasts 127 participants from 30 different teams. Having kick-started on May 8th, this year’s Dry Spell challenge is due to finish mid-August. One of the most amazing aspects of taking part in the challenge is the sense of community, mate ship and important discussions around mental health it creates within teams and the broader industry. To date, Dry Spell has raised more than $100,000 to support MATES WA in their suicide prevention works.

How MATES in Construction works:

MATES is a charity established in 2008 to reduce the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers. MATES is an integrated industry intervention program that:

  • Raises awareness of suicide as a preventable problem
  • Builds stronger and more resilient workers
  • Connects workers to the best available help and support
  • Partners with researchers to inform industry around best mental health practice

If you or anyone you know needs help, the MATES help line is available 24/7: 1300 642 111

Donate to Dry Spell for MATES

Want to do more?

If you would like to make a direct, tax deductible donation ($2 or more) to Dry Spell for MATES, head here and donate to assist MATES in Construction WA with their suicide prevention works.

If you’re interested in taking part in Dry Spell for MATES, follow @dryspellformates on Instagram for future announcements.