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December is all about kids

We’re donating $1 to ChildFund Australia for every order made at craftzero this month. Every time you pop a non-alcoholic beer into your shopping cart or enjoy one of our alcohol-free wines this December you’ll be helping out a worthwhile Australian charity.

Santa is on his way

This is the time of year when our kids go wild. School is finishing up, Santa is coming with a sleigh full of toys, summer is here, the beach is calling, as are ice-creams and fish and chips. Life is good, and it makes us realise just how lucky we are. Unfortunately, childhood can be a difficult time in other parts of the world. Which is where ChildFund Australia steps in.

Everyone deserves a happy, safe childhood  

ChildFund Australia is an independent organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in many of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. They work with communities to bring about systematic change to help vulnerable children. They’re a member of the ChildFund Alliance, a global network of 11 organisations which assists almost 16 million children and families in over 60 countries. That’s a lot of kids that need help.

Keeping kids educated and giving them a future

All year round ChildFund supports communities to keep children safe from harm with effective child protection systems. And they’re there when the really bad stuff happens; during natural disasters and conflict they give humanitarian assistance. 

So many of us as parents struggled this year with home schooling, we take it for granted that our kids can go to school and be educated. That’s just not the case in the developing world. ChildFund implements projects to give children access to quality schools where they acquire essential skills like reading, and maths. Things that we take for granted. And they get to do the fun stuff too, creative arts and sports. Just like our kids do. 

We’ll donate to ChildFund Gifts for Good for every purchase

As Covid-19 ravages all of us, it’s taken an incredible toll on the lives of people in poorer nations. Which means the most vulnerable, the children, are the most affected. Child poverty in 2020 is a real crisis. ChildFund Australia has set up a Gifts for Good scheme that donates long lasting items to families that need our support more than ever. We’re happy to donate $1 for every order this month. 

Please visit ChildFund Australia for more information and consider making a donation and giving a gift yourself this Christmas. $70 provides food for two families for one month, or a school supplies set for $76. It will really make a difference.


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