We’ll donate $1 for each order made at Craftzero during the month of July to Cancer Council.

1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. We all live with this disease in some form or another. We understand the devastating impact a diagnosis has on our friendships, our communities and our families. Cancer Council provides invaluable support to patients, families and carers. From the countless little things like; a lift to a life saving appointment, a bed close to treatment, a free wig service. To the big things like investing in world renowned researchers to find a cure, being advocates to change laws to reduce cancer risks, and developing programs to aid cancer prevention. Their work is tireless. Which is why we’re so proud to be able to help them raise money for a cause.

This is the twelfth year of Dry July, a fundraiser that encourages people to go alcohol free for the month of July to raise awareness for people affected by cancer.

The opportunity to take part in Dry July might strike a chord with you this year. Even if you’ve tried and failed previously – that’s ok, this might be your year. Every attempt to take part is important. 


But who knows, Dry July might just be the excuse you’ve been looking for to cut back? Research from the Dry July Foundation shows that 61% of Aussies are sober-curious, and incredibly 82% of us think we’d benefit from less alcohol in our lives. We know that alcohol can just wipe our bodies out mentally and physically, and we’ve all grown tired of lost weekends recovering and the brain fog that seems to leak into mid-week. Our bodies just aren’t built to process alcohol, and consuming large amounts leaves our liver exhausted. It needs time to regenerate and flush out all the toxins alcohol introduces. The good news is that even taking a small break from alcohol makes a difference; sleep improves, there’s an increase in energy, clear mind, less anxiety, more money in the bank, better skin, less bloating. Our bodies and minds will benefit from a sober month. 


Often people struggle with the social aspect of not drinking. The Dry July foundation suggest finding other participants to fundraise together, stay busy and get active. We know that those initial 15 minutes in a social situation when you’d normally reach for a drink can prove stressful. So, the foundation advice is to substitute your drink with a mocktail, sparkling water, ginger beer, or one of the sophisticated non-alcoholic beer, wine or spirits that is becoming more available at bars and restaurants in Australia. One of the many great things about Dry July is that it gives an ironclad socially acceptable excuse to turn down a drink. No one can argue with I’m staying sober and raising cash for cancer.  

This year for the first time, in recognition of what a tricky year 2020 has been for everyone, Dry July (ish) has been introduced. People can opt in for 14 or 21 days. Brett Macdonald from the Dry July Foundation explains why they’ve decided to give more options. ‘We get it, Aussies have had a really challenging first half of 2020. But what remains unchanged is that people affected by cancer still need our support. In fact, they need our support more than ever.’ Whether you take the plunge for two weeks, three or the whole month, you’re still raising funds and awareness. 

Sobriety doesn’t have to be forever if that’s not your choice, but it might be worth a shot in July just to see if cutting out alcohol is really as transformative as people say it can be.

Join us for Dry July. We’ll donate $1 to Cancer Council for every completed online purchase – we think we’ll all feel better for it.