What the Smith Family Foundation does

The Smith Family Foundation is a stand-out kids charity. They are the largest charity in Australia working with disadvantaged youth. They are not only focused on improving these children’s present conditions but also to provide them with material support and guidance to access the future they deserve.
They are an independent charity, making donations from businesses like ours doubly important. 

Help 1.2 million disadvantaged young Australian

In 2020, 1.2 million young Australians were living in poverty. That is one in six children and young people in Australia.
Growing up in poverty doesn’t only impact their life at home, but it heavily affects their education. Hard to do a school report when you don’t have a computer…Not to mention no access to internet at home…Or even the textbooks! Imagine never having new school uniforms or even season-appropriate ones, being picked at because of it, feeling like an outsider throughout your whole schooling years.
When you are starting behind, it’s hard to stay in the race.

One child at a time, from their early years to their graduation - Leaning for Life

For almost 100 years, The Smith Family has been tackling the problem, one child at a time.

What they have found is that the best way to make a real impact on a disadvantaged child’s life is to start early and support him long-term, seeing him all the way through to his high school graduation. It’s a three-pronged approach:

  1. They provide financial support for school essentials, like uniforms and books.
  2. They provide access to additional learning programs before and after school – tailored to each child’s individual needs.
  3. And they match each child with a dedicated coach at The Smith Family to help them get to school, stay at school and go on to further training or work.

Their Learning for Life program has significantly increased University enrolments and decreased welfare reliance and criminal convictions.

Craftzero X the Smith Family Foundation - our pledge

At Craftzero we believe in creating a better world and a stronger society. How could we not get involved with improving a child’s prospects in life? We’ll happily give $1 to The Smith Family for every Craftzero order this February. We have picked this month for two reasons:

  • Kids go back to school this month
  • FebFast increases our revenues

We aimed for maximum impact, so jump online, check out our Febfast survival page and help us make a difference.

I want to do more!

If you believe in their cause as much as we do and would like to help The Smith Family more, there are plenty of ways. They’re always looking for donations, people who would be willing to sponsor a child, volunteers, fundraisers, etc. Take a look online at how you can get involved, it can be as easy as spreading the word! Help change the reality for those who start behind, so that they won’t have to stay behind.


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Claudia Frontini