Christmas can be stressful. Even more so if you don’t drink (much). The constant flow of alcohol at events and parties, plus the social pressure to “just have one, it’s Christmas”, can be overwhelming. Hopefully, your family is nice and supportive, or you are also facing the anxiety and stress of tricky family dynamics. If this is all adding up, making you wonder how to not drink alcohol over the Christmas season, these 7 tips are for you.

1. Set expectations

Tell people beforehand that you won’t be drinking this season. But also set your own expectations. No doubts, you will be asked why you are not drinking. Prep an elevator pitch to avoid feeling awkward or flushed.

2. Be prepared and stock up on alcohol-free drinks

True, some situations call for a drink. But that doesn’t meet that you need to fill your glass with alcohol. On Craftzero you can find any type of alcohol-free drinks to keep you company this season. From Fizzero zero-alcohol champagne to Coffee Stout, and anything between.

BYO to the office Christmas party or the family lunch. Blend in and avoid unwelcome judgment and pesky questions. Drinking alcohol-free beverages is a healthy way to take part in the festivities and not feeling like you are missing out.

3. Decide what is important to you

Whether you are a newbie or expert to the non-drinking game, there are going to be situations that will challenge your resolve. But only because parties’ and events’ invitations keep raining down on you, you don’t have to go to them all!  Overbooking yourself will make you stressed and use up mental energy, weakening your willpower. Do you really need to go to your pilates ladies’ annual dinner?

4. Run the show

Say, you actually really want to catch up with your friends from pilates. Can you organise a different, sober-friendly, meet up with them? Spend quality time with those who matter, away from the booze.

5. Quiet reflection

(Re-)Discover the spirit of Christmas. Only because Aussie festivities are soaked in booze, you don’t have to be. What are the things that excite you about Christmas? Plan some alcohol-free fun and get drunk in holiday cheer only. Be fully present this year.

6. Plan to exercise

Many sports and activities have a break over the holidays, freeing up more time (to drink) and making it easier to overindulge. Why not organise a regular bike ride, a run, a surf, a hike, whatever floats your boat, with friends? Plus, if you are the organiser, you really can’t bail! Or overdo it the day before…

7. Offer to be the designated driver

Pick up and drop off family and friends. They will appreciate it and it gives you the perfect excuse to stay clear of the booze, no questions asked.

If you have any more tips and helpful points on how to successfully navigate an alcohol-free Christmas, share them below and help our community stay strong during the silly season!