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Australia Australia
I recommend this product

It’s not very good. Overpriced. Nature0 and McQuiggans Zero are much better

Jack D.
Australia Australia
Not to my taste, your millage may vary

Well, Merlot is supposed to be a Dry wine. With a name like "prestige" and a price tag to match, I suppose I was expecting more. This thing was quite sweet on the nose and the flavour had a strong sweetness as well. (with 20% grape juice, that's probably not much of a surprise). But there was also a funky flavour that I couldn't quite put my finger on but tasted "artificial", I can't really place it more than that - wasn't a fruity flavour and it wasn't too strong, but it was there and on the background it just lowered the experience of an already disappointingly sweet but comparatively expensive red. The colour seemed to be a strange brownish red, which I had never really seen before. But in a non-alcoholic wine I don't care too much about colour. I wouldn't recommend it because of that funky taste, but your millage may vary (as seen in the other reviews here). More of a fancy juice than a non-alcoholic red.

Susan A.
Australia Australia
I’ve tasted better zero wines

Can’t get past the nose of this de-alc wine, Very strong black currant jam notes and not to my taste at all. Drinkable?, yes, just not for me.