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Bruce J.
I recommend this product
On the right path

I love whisky; may be a little too much I am encouraged by this product. A non-alcoholic whisky reminiscent spirit verging on the real thing must be almost impossible; but Glen Dochus does go a long way towards achieving it. I was pessimistic, but really looking forward to tying Glen Dochus. I have been looking and trying myself for a long time with truly shocking results. Imitating a good scotch must be more a magic than chemistry. I enjoy the subtleties of a good whisky but in this instance many of the subtleties that may be there are overwhelmed by the pungency of the burnt caramels and sickliness of the vanillas both of which are well overdone. In this instance, less is definitely more. While the introduction to this drink may be a punch in the nose and serve as good warning for what lays ahead, those who do venture forward, after the initial “erk what’s that?” reaction, should finally detect a lingering toasty malt flavour that reminded me of malted milk at my grandmothers house as a kid. There is a lot to be said for this spirit. I can only imagine how much work has gone into creating it. The recipe is definitely on the right path. It is also a long way towards compensating for the thin atmosphere curse that plagues no alcohol spirits. I would personally like to see some oatmeal porridge flavours incorporated to balance out the salty “seaweedy” flavours I noticed when I blended GD with an all-purpose quaffing scotch blend, in a rough 50:50 ratio, the repelling up- front nose diminished and the result was a very drinkable instance, a little reminiscent of a Smokey Speyside finished in a cherry cask. It was not near perfect but the improvement to the original whisky was notable. There is some good stuff in this spirit, but you just can’t taste it. This blend is not yet ready, but with a lighter hand, patience, time and understanding of all stakeholders, a good non-alcoholic spirit it the vane of a scotch whisky will be developed. I would personally prefer this to be blended with a scotch to become a low alcohol scotch blend or whatever the Scottish Scotch description laws permit. That is a product I would buy.

Jack D.
I recommend this product
Unbelievably Terrible

I really wanted to like this. I like Lyre's american malt but I wanted something that was more authentic when taken neat. After reading the description, I thought this would be worth a try. I didn't listen to the reviews because I have seen very negative comments on spirits before and I usually like them. But this really is terrible. There is just no other way to say it. On the nose it is noxious. It smells to me like melted plastic. Literally. I watered it down as suggested by the bottle and I even tried a big block of ice on an open glass. This helped to lessen the smell but it was still there when I held it up to drink. At first I could only taste melted plastic but adding water helped to bring out some smokey, caramel and chocolate notes, which was a pleasant surprise. But this is only brief, while the melted plastic taste was just overwhelming everything. This smell is taking the role of the alcohol smell and taste on a bad cask-strength whisky. And it lingers. I just can't express how bad this is. I don't understand how this could get past quality control; the smell at the distillery and bottling area would be incredible (unless it is something that develops in the bottle, I suppose). Whatever this is it does help carry the aroma and flavour that one would look for in a non-alcoholic spirit. I've got the glass sitting away from me and I can smell the caramel and chocolate notes. But as I bring it closer, the melted plastic smell just takes over and I have to force myself to take another sip. I really is bad. I'm afraid to try it as a mixer but for the sake of the review I did. I was going to make an old fashioned, but I don't think that would hide the plastic well enough. So I made a scotch sour and it was terrible. The melted plastic just took over and laid waste to every other flavour. It was almost as if I hadn't added anything else to it; yes I could taste the citrus, but I had to taste it through a lake of melted plastic. Challenge to Glen Dochus Makers I'm so sorry glen dochus, I really wanted to like you but you didn't take yourself seriously. I would challenge the owners to drink 45mL of this neat in one gulp without making a tortured face. The contents is just undrinkable.I can't believe that the have tasted it and know this is what it tastes like. Is there anything good about it? On a positive note, if they could try to hone in on what is giving it that awful smell and taste, they might be able tone it down a lot. The fact that I could taste some genuine scotch flavours underneath it all is actually encouraging and with a little bit of cleverness from their chemical engineers, this might actually be really good one day. Oh, and the mouth feel (ignoring the taste) is actually a little more viscous that other non-alcoholic spirits (that tend to feel quite watery), which was encouraging also.

Douglas M.
I recommend this product

Warsh is the Scottish word for horrible, I put it in the rubbish bin after one nip