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Non Alcoholic Wine

Our collection of non alcoholic wines have been carefully chosen to deliver the most varietal characters possible so you can get your favourite drop in your glass alcohol free. Shop our incredible range of non alcoholic red, white, rose, and sparkling wine.

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Fresh, fruity, bubbly, experience minus the alcohol

Non Alcoholic Sparkling
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Refreshing, crisp in taste without the hangover

Non Alcoholic White
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Notes of chocolate, berries, and deep flavours to warm your soul

Non Alcoholic Red
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Delicious and bright, alcohol free rose is as fruity as it looks

Non Alcoholic Rose
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FAQs About Non Alcoholic Wine

Read the most popular questions wine drinkers have about non-alcoholic wines.

What is non alcoholic wine?

Non alcoholic wine is a simple as it sounds, wine minus alcohol. You are able to enjoy all the great tastes and process of drinking wine without alcohol which produces great health benefits and is better for you in the long run. Non alcoholic wine can be just as fun, playful, and tasty as it’s alcoholic cousin but we promise you there will be no guilt felt when drinking it on the morning after.

Who wins in the battle: non alcoholic wine vs alcohol free wine?

The difference between non alcoholic and alcohol-free wine is a subtle one but it may be one that you need to make note of especially if you don’t drink alcohol for health, religious, or any other reason. A non alcoholic wine still has traces of alcohol in the wine, but it is always a very small amount and only left over from the fermentation process. Whereas an alcohol-free wine does not contain any traces of alcohol in it whatsoever. It is important to make note of the subtle differences when shopping for alcohol free or non alcoholic wines, at Craftzero we always make sure to include this information in the item description so you will know what you are buying. So, who wins in the battle? Well, that one is all dependent on what you are looking for from your wine!

What's the difference between de-alcoholised wine and non alcoholic wine?

Sometimes the terms can be a little tricky for first timers but it is okay we got you and below we will break down the difference in de-alcoholised wine and non alcoholic wine. Put simply, de-alcoholised wine starts off as wine with alcohol then the winemakers have to go through the process of removing majority of the alcohol. Generally, this means that there will still be traces of alcohol in the wine. Whereas with non alcoholic wine the fermentation process is stopped early so it still has a similar taste to alcoholic wine but it does not contain alcohol because fermentation process is stopped.

Does non alcoholic wine taste like grape juice?

Non alcoholic wine does not taste like grape juice, it still has the same great tastes and aromas of typical wines. Also, you can enjoy non alcoholic wines with mixers to make cocktail drinks similar to their alcohol-containing cousins. Read more about the difference between alcohol free wine and grape juice here

Do non alcoholic wines still give you a hangover?

Non alcoholic wines do not contain alcohol so therefore there will be no hangovers the next morning if they are consumed responsibly. Drinking in moderation is always suggested when drinking any type of drink.

What are alcohol free wines best served with?

Zero alcohol wines are best served with the same foods as their alcohol containing cousins, you can enjoy them at any social occasion or celebration and they go great with your everyday meals. Non alcoholic will surely not limit you when it comes to food and drinks!

Do alcohol free wines contain a lot of sugar?

Alcohol free wines do not contain a lot of sugar. You still get the great tastes and flavours you would expect from wine but without the added sugars that alcoholic wines usually have in them.

What countries are famous for making zero alcohol wines?

Some of the best vineyards to produce alcohol free wines come from New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and South Africa.

How is non alcoholic wine made?

Alcohol removed wine can be made in a few different ways, with the extra challenge of extracting the alcohol it can sometimes been seen as more of a difficult process than creating wine which contains alcohol. When it comes to making and removing the alcohol from the wine there are two main methods that are used, the first is vacuum distillation. When creating zero alcohol wine this way you rely on the temperature to remove the alcohol and then have to blend the aromas back into the wine once it is done. The second method is filtration, this method focuses on removing the alcohol from the wine, but this process retains all of the original fruity flavours, aromas, and textures that wine is known for. The process differs depending on the non alcoholic beverage that you decide to drink.

What are the varieties of non alcoholic wines?

At Craftzero we stock a variety of non alcoholic wines, think, Sparkling wine, Red wine, White wine, Rose wine, and a wine alternative category. Much like your boozy wines, non alcoholic wines are just as experimental and playful. Wine makers are mixing different grapes, playing with different flavours, and adding botanical notes which means that the varieties of non alcoholic wines are just as varied and as more people are becoming sober curious the more wine makers are playing around with their combinations and this is something we are very excited about at Craftzero.

What are some of the Health Benefits of a non alcoholic wine?

Funnily enough you can feel guilt free when you drink non alcoholic wine and we love that! The health benefits are too good to ignore so we are going to share some with you below; firstly, on average a non alcoholic wine has approximately half the calories than your standard boozy wine. Secondly, non alcoholic wine contains antioxidants from the skin of the grapes that prevent anti-ageing (yes please!) and help fight free radical damage. Thirdly, no alcohol means no hangover – we are saying goodbye to seedy Sundays! By reducing your alcohol intake, it means that you will be giving your liver a break, you will find that you have better motivation, better sleep, and you can also notice a change in your energy levels. So go on, pick up a glass. You deserve it.

Craftzero Recommendations

Here are some of our must try non alcoholic wines recommendations:

Domaine De La Prade Organic Merlot/Shiraz : Merlot grapes blended with Shiraz grapes; we can’t think of anything better! This organic wine gives off notes of blackberries and tart cherries while the mix of the grape gives leaves an elegantly balanced and flavoursome wine.

Plus & Minus Pinot Noir : With the Plus & Minus Pinot Noir you will experience deep and savoury flavours with a touch of sweetness. These flavours are derived from dried herbs and spices with natural fruitiness which make for a deep and complex red – there is nothing better.

Thomson and Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine : This fresh and vibrant chardonnay is bubbly and packed with flavour. Made with chardonnay grapes, it is organic and vegan with all the alcohol removed. Trust us, this will be your new go-to for bubbles.

Ara Zero Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc : You definitely can’t go wrong with a classic Sauvignon Blanc and the Ara Zero will not disappoint. It is full of the classic flavours, think light and crisp with hints of herbs and tropical fruits, we love to drink it.

Giesen 0% Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc : This dry, crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc is one that everyone can enjoy – no matter your circumstances or age, from a romantic date to a family picnic this Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect drink for whatever you need.


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