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Ready for a hoppy, zesty, Sober October?

Unapologetically non-alcoholic, these 5 beers hit the sweet spot and leave you wondering what the difference to their alcoholic counterpart is.

If, like us, you believe that there is more to hangouts than hangovers, then trust us, there is more to beer than booze!

Pale Ale drinkers will be stoked with the super hip packaging and the hoppy dry taste of Adnams Ghost Ship Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale 330mL. It fits right in with a wood fire and a smoky British pub. Likely because it’s brewed with East Anglican barley, rye and malt. It’s finished off with a subtle fruity aroma and citrus flavour that perfectly complements its bitterness.

Going in a completely different direction is the Solo Alcohol-Free Peach Pale Ale 330mL. Sporting a bright citrus aroma with a refreshing peach taste, it’s the perfect summer bevvy. The brewers’ mastery is evident in the complex interaction of the peach flavour with the toasted malt and the hop bill: well balanced and not over the top. Light and crisp, not at all too sweet, perfect to laze around with on a hot weekend.

Or are you after something tropical, hoppy and a little bitter? One of the best non-alcoholic XPA on the market is the Heaps Normal Non-Alcoholic Quiet XPA 355mL. Its unfiltered body carries tropical and citrus aromas, completed by a subtle flavour of malt sweetness and a well-balanced bitter finish. Highly refreshing and easy to drink, enjoy all of the flavours of an XPA and none of the downsides of alcohol!

Leave it to the cool kids to make the coolest packaging and the tastiest brews. Brutal Brewing supports creativity, individuality and great times. Their Pistonhead beers range is artsy and varied. Our favourite is their non-alcoholic lager Pistonhead Flat Tire Dry Hopped Non-Alcoholic Lager 330mL. It starts off flowery, piney and citrusy but quickly gets maltier, like a typical lager, as you take more of a whiff. The bitterness is well balanced by a light fruity undertone but it all gives way to a thicker final mouthfeel of the standard lager malty taste.

Still unconvinced about non-alcoholic beer? Why don’t you start off with an award-winning one? Big Drop Pine Trail Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale 375mL has won the World Beer Awards twice. This beer is everything you want in a pale ale, alcoholic or not. Rosy floral aromas develop immediately as you pour it, with light and limey citrus bite on the palate and balanced but obvious bitterness to finish. Bright and zesty, it will satisfy the fussiest pale ale lover. You wouldn’t know it’s non-alcoholic if someone handed you a glass of it. Yes, it tastes that great!

Citrusy, hoppy, fresh, flora, or earthy beer. You name it, we have it at Craftzero. The best range of non-alcoholic beers, amazingly tasty, definitely healthy, 100% worth trying this Sober October.

Non Alcoholic Beers are here to stay, read our blog post THE TOP 10 REASONS WHY NON ALCOHOLIC BEER IS HERE TO STAY to know why.


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