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The best summer cocktail recipe

What is an Aperol Spritz

An Aperol Spritz, also called just Spritz, is a popular Italian wine-based cocktail. It is drunk before dinner, as an aperitif, while nibbling on a few snacks. The drink comes from Northeast Italy, where they are as cheap as 1€ ($1.5), and is now an absolute classic summer cocktail.

Why is Aperol Spritz the most popular summer cocktail

Aperol Spritz has become THE summer cocktail because of its light and refreshing taste. It has an eye-catching vibrant bright orange colour and it is served in big glasses. It screams relaxation and happiness just by looking at it. The taste is a crowdpleaser as it is a combination of sweet liqueur and bubbly Prosecco.

What is in a non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz

A ‘classic’ Aperol Spritz has Prosecco, Aperol and soda water. It is entirely possible to make a delicious zero alcohol Aperol Spritz by substituting the two main ingredients with non-alcoholic alternatives.

Instead of alcoholic Prosecco —> McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine

McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine is the perfect Prosecco substitute. This non-alcoholic sparkling wine features green apple and crisp pear, the same flavours that are primary on Prosecco. It also has a similar fruity and flowery final taste, making it perfect for a non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz.

Instead of Aperol —> Lyre's Italian Spritz

Aperol is an Italian bitter apéritif. It is made from rhubarb, gentian and cinchona flowers, among other ingredients. It has a vibrant orange hue and it’s 11% ABV.

To make the alcohol-free cocktail, substitute it with Lyre's Italian Spritz 0% ABV. Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirit captures the essence of the bittersweet flavour of an Aperol. It has the same bright orange colour and similar taste, with some rhubarb and orange undertones.

Lower in calories

Drinking alcohol-free cocktails means that they are healthier too. While the soda in this cocktail has zero calories, the Prosecco has roughly 65 calories and the Aperol has about 135 calories for a total of 200 calories per cocktail. Substitute the two and you have McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine with only 20 calories per 60mL and Lyre's Italian Spritz only has 25 cal, for a total of as little as 45 calories!

Non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz recipe

This is a quick and easy zero alcohol sparkling wine Italian Spritz’s recipe. It’s an ideal pre-dinner cocktail, popular for sunny summer days and social mingling outdoors.

Yes, you can drink it outside: it’s alcohol-free!


(Makes 1)


Ice goes in first, then the McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine, followed by Lyre’s Italian Spritz (a non-alcoholic substitute for Aperol) and a splash of Indian Tonic Water. Use the Indian Tonic Water instead of the traditional splash of soda to add extra bitterness to the cocktail. By following this order, the bubbles will do all the mixing for you. Garnish with an orange slice.


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