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Is cutting back on alcohol one of your 2021 NY resolutions?

Then read on. Jam-packed with tips, ideas and suggestions, this is the article for you. It will keep you on track and help you reduce your alcohol intake in 2021.

Benefits of reducing your alcohol intake

There are so many reasons why reducing or stopping drinking alcohol is a fantastic decision.

Some of the most popular benefits are:

  1. Achieving better overall health and wellbeing
  2. Losing some weight
  3. Being more alert and focused
  4. Improving your sleep
  5. Having better skin health
  6. Experiencing an increase in energy and motivation
  7. Increased mindfulness in your alcohol consumption
  8. Saving money
  9. Positive changes to your lifestyle

And these are just some of the most popular. Why are you doing it?

Firstly, know why you are doing it

It is so important! Whether you decided on a whim or have thought this through, take a minute to put it into words and write down why you want to drink less in 2021. Be as specific as possible.

This little piece of paper will help you stay on the right track when the going gets rough.

Knowing exactly why you are committing to drinking less alcohol can be the difference between failing and succeeding.

Now consider some lifestyle changes that will help you cut back on alcohol

Reducing, or stopping altogether, your alcohol consumption is a big commitment.

It can be a scary and daunting prospect. You don’t want to fail, but you are not sure how to get there?

Try these few tips and hints to help you cope with the struggles of cutting back on alcohol.

Join a team

You are not alone in this. There are a lot of organised groups that can help you and share the journey with you. For example, in our last article we interviewed Trent, the founder of AF beer squad. His mission is to introduce fellow Aussies to the increasing varieties of alcohol-free craft beer.

Rally your troops

Your biggest supporters are the ones closest to you. Your partner or a friend can be appointed partner in sobriety. Recruit all your friends if you can! It’ll be easier to beat the booze if your BFFs are along for the ride and keen to share an alcohol-free ready-to-drink Lyre's Amalfi Spritz with you.

Exercise more

Substitute happy hour with a workout.

It will make you happy. Exercising raises your endorphin levels, your very own homemade happiness booster.

It will also keep you busy and provide a distraction.

If your footy championship is on Thursday nights, you can’t have pizza and beer in front of the telly then, can you?

Be adventurous

Spend as much time out and about as you can. Try new things. Let your life be taken on by new interests. You will be amazed by how much time you have at your disposal when your weekends aren’t wasted on boozy hangovers…

Discover the marvellous world of alcohol-free drinks

It’s a new wonderful world. Alcohol doesn’t have to be alcoholic anymore! Think decaf coffee but for alcohol. You get the essence of the product but none of the drawbacks.

Not sure where you stand vis à vis alcohol-free drinks? Read our article on 20 reasons why non-alcoholic drinks are the BEST and join the revolution.

Then, make some individual changes to reduce your alcohol intake

There are a few things that you can do alone, small changes in your day to day life.

Read more books

Reading books help reduce stress and improve your sleep. Don’t watch TV in the evening, or spend at least one night a week reading. We often binge eat in front of the tv and it’s easier to have a drink then. TV before bed also ruins your normal sleep cycles.

Meditate and practice gratitude

Meditating is another activity that releases endorphins, those “feel-good” chemicals produced with exercise. And regularly practicing gratitude makes you positive and healthier. If this all sounds like things that won’t make you want to drink, you are on the money!

Say goodbye to anxiety and self-doubt

A benefit reported by many people that stop drinking alcohol is that they are less anxious and insecure.

“My mental health has drastically improved”

Tristan Newsome interview

With less alcohol in your body, your mind is more balanced and strong. With Covid still looming over 2021, a keel mind and increased ability to handle tough times will benefit you immensely. Start this tidal shift in how you think about yourself and embrace it with a short daily reflection. Face life head-on.

Finally, take on these practical tips to successfully cut back on alcohol

Set a budget

Simple. Decide how much you’ll be spending each month/week on alcohol and stick to it.

It’s amazing how much you’ll be saving by cutting back on alcohol. Plus, did you know that alcohol-free is often cheaper than full-strength alcohol? For example, Richard Juhlin Blanc De Blancs is a much cheaper champagne than Moët & Chandon Brut and just as delicious.

Start small and take it one step at a time

You have committed to a year off, but a year is soooooo long. Just the thought of it makes you doubt yourself? Then, instead of thinking 12 months, break it into smaller, manageable chunks. The year is punctuated with several sober challenges you can join: Dry January, Dry July, Sober October. Take the rest one day at a time.

So where to get started in reducing your alcohol intake?

Join Dry January

Start strong and join the UK originated Dry January. Starting with a month of sobriety will set you up to achieve your goal in 2021. Indeed, a study from Sussex University found that all respondents to the 6-months follow-up were drinking less alcohol. They were also more likely to refuse or resist a drink. That was regardless of whether they had completed the whole month sober challenge.

There you go, you are all set now to harness that early-year motivation and keep your new year resolution of cutting back on alcohol. Start with a bang and take it one day at a time. And if you are craving a drink, shop for alcohol-free on Craftzero in 2021.


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